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I have this check engine light. I got the codes, P0755, P0705 and P0708. I am trying to get my Lincoln registered. I want to know, what parts I need to replace, to fix the transmission, to clear all of these codes. I am a backyard mechanic.
Too All - Looking for a Blend Door Actuator for my 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII - and/or Repair/Replacement item - Used, Reman, any as long as it works - Everything else works great - Have owned for 23+ years

My EATC gave me a Code 03 or 030 - Does anybody know if this indicates a Blend Door Issue

Thank you - Have a great Day/Week and stay Healthy (Safe)
E-Mail: stewart-roy@comcast.net
What up fam I have some cam noise, 01 lincoln ls v8. I changed the secondary tensioners. Torque everything back to spek. I couldn't do the 90* degree turn on cap bolts without feeling like they would break. I started it up in everything ran great. 4 -5 minutes inn it started making What sounded like the cams got loose. Any help would be greatly appreciated