My OEM Low beams craped out with 82K on the car so I was pressed into rigging in a 9005 Hi beam kit. I choose the 9005 at 5000K since I hate the hi power blue lights folks seem to want to blind all the on coming vehicles with these day. Part one for picture size sake....
This modification requires a band saw and a lathe and maybe a dremil. The OEM bulbs are first cut like so on the band saw.

Then pick out all the rubber like so

Hack saw around the bulb until you hit the glass inside and then snap off the bulb

Disc grind or turn the disc flat like this after you cut that bulb bridge out with a dremil or drill the bar edges out. The inner ID of the hole is used by the 9005 O-ring, so the lip of the bridge needs to be turned out smooth to match that original ID of the hole. Not yet done in this photo

Here is where all the Lathe work takes place. The largest ID cut is 1.350" and is .070" deep. Then the second cut into the plate is 1.155" wide in its ID and an additional .090" deep for a total of .160" depth of the entire cut from the face of the disc. The O-rings my bulbs came with were junk so I put in a R11 O-ring and those fit perfectly snug into the disc hole.