Heres another one of those illusive internet fixes that isn't to easy to find info on. The original problem is that the cruise control is turned off via 3 ways. 1) the steering wheel button, 2) the brake petal and 3) by pressurizing the brake lines. It was thought, if the brake petal switch should fail, it then falls to a brake line pressure switch to open the hot cruise circuit. The problem with this system is the Brown wire connector to the brake line pressure switch consist of 2 wires, a yellow and a green wire. the yellow is hot even with the keys out of the vehicle. The Tee where the pressure switch screws into the brake fluid has been known to leak on occasion. This in turn seeps directly down ward into the hot yellow wire and can catch on fire. If your lucky, the near by air bag "might" blow the fire out when it gets a hole melted in it but my luck, it would just make the fire hotter yet.
The recall was simply an extension plug to the pressure sensor that was a dead end (no power) to the sensor and it jumped the power to a closed loop on the harness plug end. essentially deleting the switch. If the yellow and green wires are not joined, the cruise control will not work.
The plug on my 97 had a large blue tag on it stating, " IMPORTANT : This jumper harness contains an internal fuse that is not serviceable. If this harness is damaged, or if the fuse is blown, remove and discard this harness and install service kit #9F924".
So its a pretty easy fix. The switch is located on the passenger side forward the tire on the car frame forward the air pump. Its the only brown connector that releases easy when you squeeze the side catch lever and pull straight down on it. To access it I took 4 Philip screws out of the bottom valence joint with the bottom front of the fender as pictured. Then you can push back on the plastic fender splash pan a bit and get your hand up in there to pull the plug down as pictured.

I made a jumper out of this universal 1/4" wide prong contact. I cut the wire end off making a simple horse shoe out of it. Put a dab of die pole grease on it, press it in the connector, tape it all up and lay it back in there. With the car in my attached garage, I sleep better now!