Abrasive, insulting, fearless, rich, egotistical, probably can't be bought because he is a billionaire, tells it like it is, funny, mean at times, not humble, makes a lot of sense on many issues, a deal-maker, a lot smarter than the rest of the corrupt politicians on both sides of the isle, probably won't be selected as the Republican nominee because Republicans can't stand him and they are too corrupt, but he would likely beat Hillary--that is, if she is not in an orange jumpsuit by the time the election rolls around.
Happy New Year Foss! I don't have ANY trouble saying it. He's not perfect but he's so far ahead of any other possibility that he's 'match-and-the-game'.

I feel about him as I did about Reagan. He's the only one who has the right answers.

says the right wing zombie truth proclaimer. ;)
happy new year.

As I tried to show you, you were accurate until you descended into childish name-calling. You SHOULD have said "right wing truth proclaimer". Name calling is a schoolyard trick and beneath you as a rational adult.:rolleyes:

Im not really sure what to think at this time, one thing for sure he calls it as he sees it.
No Clinton please.
No Bush please.
You SHOULD have said "right wing truth proclaimer".
but it wouldn't have been the truth. what i wrote was accurate and truthful.
Trump for President. Why? Because it will be fun and shocking to see and hear what he thinks when he realizes that he is charge of something to grossly mismanaged and bloated that his head will explode. That's why.
vote drumpf.
he's yours, keep him. nobody else wants him in their country.
Donald J. Trump summed up in a word: Demagogue

Agreed...same for Bernie, same for Hillary, Cruz and pretty much any and every political candidate to one degree or another. Being a demagogue is nothing unique for someone running for office. If you have ever voted, you voted for a demagogue, most likely.
You say demagogue as if it were a bad thing---and I suppose its massive overuse by those such as yourself will have made it so in the common mind. But originally it simply meant one who looks out for the common man. I'll take that for a description of The Donald any day.

Happy MAGA New Year, folks!

By the way, I've been running a conservative website with 500,000 pageviews a month since February.

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By the way...I TOLD YOU Trump would be President!

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