Rob Lyncs

  • Hello everyone. I am deciding to start modernizing my 2004 Lincoln LS. I have had it since 2013.

    Currently, its been dead for certain issues and at one point I got frustrated and left it in the drive way and purchased an f150.

    I've always missed the car and have decided to bring it back to life. I unfortunately don't have the support like many of you and tend to be left alone to fix my own problems. Its my life really. But wanted to join the Lincoln LS community because I'm tired of watching YouTube about JDMs, German, Mustangs and Corvette lovers.

    Hoping I can hang with yall
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  1. DaleGrib
    How big is that double din?
    1. Robs Lynx
      7 inch...I included the box details as well in the pics
      Robs Lynx, Jan 20, 2021
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    2. DaleGrib
      Yep, I see it now. My computer was not working great when I loaded that a few minutes ago. For some reason, it did not show all the pictures. Thanks
      DaleGrib, Jan 20, 2021
    3. Robs Lynx
      Np...I did notice that I had to add some kind on space filler to keep it snug and not show any gaps. I might not have had to but I wanted it to look like it belonged. The Original material is used which is in the pic I don't like...I have more of a rubber like material now that I'm going to replace it with.

      As soon as it gets warm lol
      Robs Lynx, Jan 21, 2021
  2. docdent
    Glad to hear it. They are great, fun to drive, and give a lot of driving pleasure and unique with the Jag heritage. Returns on investment.
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    1. Robs Lynx
      Yes I love my lincoln
      Robs Lynx, Jan 20, 2021
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