God is Only a Theory


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Aug 26, 2007
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God is Only a Theory

July 2007

I have given much thought to the creationists’ demand that evolution be stricken from public school science classes, or that it be taught side-by-side with creationism because “evolution is only a theory” and since “no one was there to witness the creation” we cannot say for sure what really happened.

I have come to the conclusion that what’s fair is fair, and that the creationists have a good point. After all, isn’t education all about hearing both sides of an issue? And they are correct, no one was there to witness the creation, so any ideas about who or what caused the creation can only be speculative theories and therefore never provable.

Therefore, I am certain that Ministers, Priests, Rabbis, and religious leaders of all sects will be pleased to read the following disclaimer to their respective congregations every Sunday morning, or before any sermon delivered:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, God bless and welcome to [fill in the name of your church, temple, mosque, or center of worship here].
This morning we are going to talk about the creation of the universe and the origins of life on Earth. According to the Bible, Genesis 1:1–3: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Now, it is important for us to understand that no one was actually present at the creation so we don’t really know what happened. Genesis 1:1–3 is only a theory, and as such cannot be treated as fact. And it is only fair that I share with you that there are other theories of the creation.

For example, some Sumerians and Babylonians, Gilbert Islanders, Koreans, and Greeks believed that the world was created from the parts of a slain monster; some Zuni Indians, Cook Islanders, and Tahitians have a theory that the world was created by the interaction of primordial parents; and some Japanese, Samoan, Persian, Chinese, and Hindu have a theory that the world was generated from an egg.” And, of course, there is that dogma being foisted upon us by the liberal media and intelligentsia, the theory of evolution.

As for the origins of human life, that is spelled out in Genesis 1:27: “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Of course, not only was no one present to witness this act — except for Adam and Eve after they were created — I should point out that this theory has a counter theory in Genesis 2:7, where “the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” In this theory Adam is all alone without a mate, so in Genesis 2:21–22 “the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.”

Since everyone here was blessed by the almighty with a brain that thinks, I will allow you to decide which theory is the correct theory of the creation of humans, Genesis 1 or Genesis 2. Weigh the evidence and decide for yourselves. You be the judge.

Oh, there is one other minor detail. Adam and Eve begat Cain and Abel, and as you all know Cain — as firstborns are wont to do to their laterborn siblings who compete for the limited parental resources — slew him. That left Adam, Eve, and Cain as the only humans on the entire Earth. But in Genesis 4:17 we read that “Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch.” Now, I don’t mean to burden you with more of the liberal media’s fascination with smut and porn, but I think as created beings endowed with intelligence and critical thinking skills blessed to us by the good Lord, it might be reasonable to ask just who it was that Cain “knew.” Unless Adam was himself blessed with both types of reproductive organs, or Cain was capable of parthenogenesis, then we are left with the theory that Cain “knew” his mother. But that’s just a theory, and as we all know, theories are just wild guesses and should not be taken seriously.

A theory is something that cant be proven. If a theory is proven to some but not others, then what is it called?
Answer: A belief

Example: Root beer is one of the most nasty tasting drinks UNTIL you actually taste it, then its the best thing in the World!!!

Summary: Cant rule out something until you try it. If it proves itself, then believe; if not, move on to the next one. LoL
Cant rule out something until you try it.
sure you can. while i haven't been to space, the evidence is overwhelming that it is a vacuum. i would not "TRY" to breathe out there. but, hey, if you want to try it.

A theory is something that cant be proven.
but some things have volumes of evidence in their favor, putting them beyond theory, even though they are still called theory.

and some things have absolutely no evidence. this is belief.
cammerfe, did you wish to counter with something, or are you just being obtuse?
the above story points out the ridiculessness of the bible and it's contradictions. it's as much mythology as the rest of the gods over the centuries.
it points out the stupidity from the religious of the arguement "it only a theory" for (place scientific ideal here).
is that a point that's enough for you?
A theory is an explanation or model based on observation, experimentation, and reasoning, especially one that has been tested and confirmed as a general principle helping to explain and predict natural phenomena. Any scientific theory must be based on a careful and rational examination of the facts.

There is nothing reasonable or rational about the belief in God. Any god. There is no logic that explains any of them and most are fairy tale at best. This lack of rationale is best shown by the believers themselves stating that it must be taken on blind faith alone. Because that is the only way any of them can make any sense of it at all.

I have theorized that the only reason these people still believe the lies their religion presents to them is because it is easier than believing they fell for them in the first place.
It's my observation that those most stridently rejecting the beliefs of others are the most likely to be, way down inside, staring into the overwhelming blackness and quivering in fear. And the more afraid they are, the more they diss those who don't share their fears.

Why do you attack my approach to things?

If I'm wrong I'll have done my best during my life to do something worthwhile.

If you're wrong the blackness will...

I didn't 'attack' anything. Worm is an agent provocateur who regularly, from his lofty perch far above ordinary men, will hurl dissing comments about others. I occasionally will answer, just as I answered your own sneers, above. Worm, and then you, made the attacks. I just responded.

Are you Canadian? Or 12 yrs old?

You see, I didn't attack you to start with. I presented my views on religion. Nothing more. Nothing less. It was not in response to anything you posted. It was in response to the thread itself. It was YOU who took it personal and YOU who decided to respond with venom. Anyone above a moron IQ can see that.

Your butthurt is all your own making.
Now carry on by jumping up and down and shouting Neener neener neener neener. that'll be about on par with your other spoutings.

Evolution is the biggest crock of excrement ever levied upon the common people by godless science proponents.
The universe is astounding and we can't even say for sure just how big it is, yet scientists say it came from nothing.
You science worshippers believe in odds and likelihood right?
Well,what are the odds of the moon being in the exact orbit,being the exact weight needed and at the exact speed needed in order to be the right SIZE needed to exactly cover the sun I an eclipse so that ONLY the corona shows? Hmmmmmmm?
I'll tell you what the odds are.....there ARE no odds because that moon was created to perfectly do just that with the universe along with our earth possibly billions of years ago.
You and I are a tiny bit of dust,yet God keeps us in mind. Try reading Psalms or Isaiah,where the Bible said the earth was round 2,000 years before Columbus said so. All he had to do was read Isaiah.
The arrogant evolutionists will not survive thru the coming annihilation of the wicked one by God's son,Jesus Christ.
Those preaching that we have no one to answer to will find out soon,very soon,that they have erred fatally.
Well,what are the odds of the moon being in the exact orbit,being the exact weight needed and at the exact speed needed in order to be the right SIZE needed to exactly cover the sun I an eclipse so that ONLY the corona shows?
what's your point don o.
the moon has finally moved far away enough from the earth for this to happen. but it will be a short term thing, on earthly timescales. it gets proven every year the moon moves further from the earth.

not survive thru the coming annihilation of the wicked one by God's son,Jesus Christ.
same effin story for 2016 years. i won't hold my breath.
Don, we seem to come from the same sort of foundation but....

You remind me of the guy I talked to in a seminar a while ago. He was holding forth that every word of the Bible is to be taken as absolute truth just as offered. When I asked him which version of the Bible was to be so taken, he instantly replied, "Why King James, of course".

He couldn't see the silliness of his statement. When one holds forth such viewpoints, unbelievers immediately dismiss everything said as nonsense. And we lose the chance to find common ground.

Might I suggest an alternative view?

The people who read the Bible back in the beginning---particularly the Pentateuch---were not equipped to understand the scientific foundation for what we now look on as evolution, so the original description was offered in language those long-ago people could understand. We, now, are better equipped to understand that a 'day' was used in Genesis to refer to a very long period of time indeed.

But, you see, my God is capable of creating in whatever way makes sense to him. I don't have to understand the nuances involved. He can do as He pleases. And I'm just fine with that. And because of our advances in science I'm able to comprehend a bit about just how he went about things without being hung up on the difference between days and eons.

I wish you well.

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God had it recorded in the Bible that a `day is as a thousand years to Him,or as a Watch(Hebrew 4hr. watch) in the night.' The creative days were thousands of years long. NO evolution took place.`He made all things `after their kind' . don-ohio :)^)

24 hours is not a long time. it's a day.
still don't see where a day isn't 24 hours. you only tell me a day is as a thousand years to him.
i'd say his days must really drag on.
and you have evidence for your creation theory don-o?
you have evidence outside of your mythology book?
Worm, there are....

times when your nasty snarkyness knows no bounds. You're far too intelligent not to be able to understand that over the recorded history of humankind there have been times when things have been spoken of with a bit of symbolism. A 'day' doesn't have to mean a period of 24 hours---each of sixty minutes with each minute having sixty seconds, etc. Simply make the small mental shift, in this instance, to think of a 'day' as being a period of time. Virtually everyone is familiar with such thinking. And now we know enough to to understand that a 'day' as used in this sort of discussion refers to a period of time that may well be better spoken of as a gazillion years.

I'm sure a guy as smart as you are will be able to wrap his head around such a concept.

HaHaHaaaa! Good one,Cammer!
This describes these people perfectly: 2 Peter 3:3,4 `But know this,that in the last days will come ridiculers with their ridicule, PROCEEDING ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN DESIRES, saying `Where is this promised presence of his? Why from the DAY our forefathers fell asleep in death,all things are continuing as from creation's beginning.' (CAPS mine for the thicker-headed among you,LOL!)
You can continue to read God's word,or you can act the ridiculer and await the consequences.

You have achieved being both at the same time.


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