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  1. m-waage

    HELP No start Opened hood found this.

    I found the problem, It looks like your missing a hole on each side of that engine. Squirrels probably have them in their tree. They are gatherers ya know... :P
  2. m-waage

    HID Conversion and glare?

    Its much better on the other side of the windshield. Just keep your finger on trigger to flash your high beams back. People will understand you are a class above them in the Lincoln. (Lol)
  3. m-waage

    Introduction and question

    the cam chain tensiors are hydraulic and will pump up on startup. Most ford ones have little hole in the side where you can see the teeth from the peg that pushes the guide, and I believe you can move it out either through a spring relese in that hole or manually to the next tooth.
  4. m-waage

    Going to be racing a Ko4'd GTI need help/tips

    Looking on Dragtimes, GTI's with about 240 HP are running 13.8s to 14s, so..... get a bottle.
  5. m-waage

    Supercharger update.. Good news for me! :)

    Thank god for knock sensors, Boost it whatever you want it will retard it or put it in limp. (To a point here folks)
  6. m-waage

    Supercharger update.. Good news for me! :)

    I think these motors can handle 10psi just fine from the factory. that is not much boost if you see what other stock motors can handle.
  7. m-waage

    Supercharged Jaguars?

    NOOOO Not a BUELL!!!! Heres a sweet ride for ya!!! ^^^Sure its a 2 door but you know you want it...
  8. m-waage

    Looking at new Head Unit's

    Im a big pioneer fan, from ones I have used they are more user friendly and adjustable.
  9. m-waage

    Gen I V6 HP Ratings

    1: Remove V6 and replace with Carbed 5.0/aode. 2: Remove check engine Light. 3: GO!!!
  10. m-waage

    Factory amp and aftermarket radio

    About the same for any car with a factory amp I assume. If you get a wiring kit for it, it should have a plugin to run power to the factory amp. Wire power to the amp through the blue/white wire and the speakers like normal is how I have done it in other ford vehicles.
  11. m-waage

    COP wiring.

    According to the diagram for a 2001 V6 power is supplied through fuse F112(10amp hot in start or run) to the Green/(Many different tracer colors for each coil) which is pin #2 in all the connectors. Then the Brown/(Many different tracer colors again),which is Pin #1, runs to the PCM.
  12. m-waage

    3.9 engine ?

    Im sorry Im not laughing (Ok a Lil) I feel the pain. But I have never heard of a story quite like that before! We need an archives to save this in lol. Glad she is running!
  13. m-waage

    Rumor of RWD platform for Lincoln

    +1 I Like it dont get me wrong but it doesnt scream lincoln...
  14. m-waage

    Rumor of RWD platform for Lincoln

    Lol @ Fast and his brain damage Horse present. If I cant have a 6.2 I would want a 4 or 6 cyl incline turbo diesel option in a RWD lincoln platform.
  15. m-waage

    MPG Lol

    lol I Consider it good mileage when I average 22+ miles per gallon. And I am drivin on the same roads as this guy too! I thought that was a little rediculous.
  16. m-waage

    MPG Lol Show of hands for anyone else pulling 30MPG in the summer hahaha:D
  17. m-waage

    02 lse

    oooop just looked on their website, Hopefully he called you cuz I didnt see it on there!
  18. m-waage

    02 lse 02 LSE 6900 obo
  19. m-waage

    Gen 1 headlights with pre installed HIDs

    That aint a bad price. Hmmm... too bad they dont come with black corners hate to cut brand new headlights.
  20. m-waage

    Got a New Ride. Actually, Two New Rides.

    A. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B. Those are Chevys but.... awww.... Ford is Crying right now. :( C. I need to change my line of work... :D:D:D Grats and NICE