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    I went to the drag strip, tons of pics

    Pro-M is crap, C&L rules, all marks run 14.6 stock. I'm done here.
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    I went to the drag strip, tons of pics

    Swap 4.10s for stock gears, go to the track and come back with a 14.3 ... :waving:
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    5 on 4.5 conversion...

    You need front hubs from any late year mustang. You need rear hubs from a 99 Cobra with IRS. Front rotors: from mustang, go with 13" and cobra brakes, if your new wheels alow for it. Rear rotors: either redrill the mark rotors, or use mustang rotors and fab up caliper brackets since...
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    I went to the drag strip, tons of pics

    There is nothing wrong with pro-m mafs on marks, or any other mod motor for that matter. There are many horror stories about c&l mafs though. 14.3 is a one time thing Ken did, and was never able to duplicate, it's not like that car runs 14.3s all day, again Geno, let's keep it real.
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    fuel pressure help

    1/16" NPT male to 1/8" NPT female adapter
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    Me AGAIN?!!

    This place has your headlamp: Starkey Road Auto Parts, Inc. USA-FL(Largo) E-mail 1-800-282-0176
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    Me AGAIN?!!

    Gen I - only available as a set with the bulb/ballast. Gen II - only available as a complete headlight with the bulb. You might be able to find both in good used condition though.
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    Misc. Pics. *DU WARNING!*

    Email me before you swap the radiator. The new alternative to stock cooling is now available.
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    Misc. Pics. *DU WARNING!*

    All this room and still no twin screw. Jon, the car looks good. Now make it fast already ......
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    QX4 with XpansionX II soundclips.

    Geno, are these : the same as these : They sure do look different. Is the tip rolled on both ? Did Sean buy the old style a while back ?
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    New exhaust ! *PICS*

    I never had any XpansionX muffler on any of my cars. The red car had Magnaflow mufflers and it was a much better fit than these. Fix it.
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    Ported gen1 intakes......Please read.

    Mike, save your time with the 2nd gen intakes. Porting alone is not worth it. The actual plenum and runner design is the problem. It is very easy to swap a cobra intake on a 2nd gen. It has been done numerous times with great results. Since you only need the upper and lower manifold, the cost is...
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    Beat an LS-1 today with stock mk8 :)

    Brad, what was your last E.T. without any BS correction factors ?
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    What wires would be better for my 97' LSC? Nology or MSD super conductors???

    Nology run $240 online. MSD run $85 from Summit. To me it would be a question of the cost. Nology might be better though. 3x the price better ?
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    What wires would be better for my 97' LSC? Nology or MSD super conductors???

    Neither ... your car doesn't use wires, it's a coil on plug ignition.
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    Post your Engine Bay Pictures

    poor Steve .... LOL but all is well what ends well ...
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    Trans Cooler.

    So Jon, you replaced the trans and still had NO trans cooler ? If I were you, I'd get the 40k cooler with an external thermostat and say good bye to overheated fluid. No setup will keep it always around 160 deg like this one.
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    Pull Down Trunk?

    I guess you missed the fact that the quote is directly from your post. You sir have been *owned* Now, your personal remarks are totally out of place. I'm not "the kinda guy" person you call me in your reply, I resent that. I know better than to call people what they're not. I am all for...
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    Pull Down Trunk?

    ""apparently you dont like sound quality" it got me a lil hot since thats exactly what i am after." no comments.
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    Genos' MAF

    I'm working on a kit with my buddy. 13" crossdrilled/slotted US made rotors drilled to 4.25 lincoln pattern with loaded cobra calipers (black or red), new banjo bolts and crush washers around $450-$500. DBRS have some crappy amico rotors built in china in their kits. All you will need is 17" wheels.