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  1. chamorro

    Diablo Lionhart 20" Offset?

    Hey guys, I own a set of 20" Diablo Lionhart wheels for my 2002 LS V6. About a month ago I had all of my wheel studs replaced because 1 stud on each tire was stripped. Yesterday I went in to purchase 4 new tires and one of the bolts on the rear passenger side stripped again! :( :mad: So I...
  2. chamorro

    Need advice on black rims

    Diablo Lionhart 20" More pix in my photogarage. You'll like the black on black look. If not, you can't go wrong with chrome wheels. Peace.
  3. chamorro

    Angel Eyes (Halos) Installed

    they look good, i wish i had the money to buy a pair, i don't know why they cost so much. :S
  4. chamorro

    LS owners with subs in the trunk come in....

    I have a 1 Alpine Type X 12" with the Alpine MRD-M1005. Without Dynamat it sounds like sh!t from the outside. I suggest get Dynamat. Late.
  5. chamorro

    Tints on LS = bad idea

    I've gotten a ticket for that on my LS, sucked ass!!! I had to pay a $200 fine. It was originally $450 because my lazy ass just never took it off and had an officer sign it off so I waited and waited and had to go to court and speak with a judge and she took a chunk off the payment. I heard...
  6. chamorro

    old person's car

    I'm 22 purchased when I was 21.
  7. chamorro

    KKM Intakes $80 shipped

    Do you need the V6 - Cold Air Stainless Steel Intake Tube to go with it or can you just connect it like how it is? I have an 02' Lincoln LS V6. Thanks.
  8. chamorro

    where is everyone from?

    From the island of Guam, now residing in San Diego.
  9. chamorro

    Hubcentric Rings

    Alright I have 20" rims Diablo Lionharts. I have vibration at the steering wheel when I reach 60+ mph. I know I need hubcentric rings but my question is, are there a certain type for the rims that I have??? If so can anybody give me some info, thanks.
  10. chamorro

    Wheels for sale.

    All I Gotta Say Is Lincoln Mks!!!!!
  11. chamorro

    New addition to the black on black family!!!

    Wusup bro welcome to tha black on black family lol. It is a different look, I've had mine for almost a year and I live in San Diego where there are a lot of black cars with chrome rims so it's good to go with something a little different. Nothing against the cars that do have chrome cuz u see...
  12. chamorro

    Weeezing Sound In EnginE!

    thanks for the replies......still haven't fixed it yet but i'll take into the shop this weekend.
  13. chamorro

    Weeezing Sound In EnginE!

    yeah i can hear it when i go over 50+ mph.........what do you think it's from???
  14. chamorro

    Weeezing Sound In EnginE!

    First of all I own an '02 LS V6, I'm having this weezing sound when I reach higher speeds maybe around 50+ it starts goin'. Kinda sounds like a turbo revvin' up. Any suggestions thanks! I haven't changed my belts so I'm not quite sure if that could be the reason.
  15. chamorro

    wheel pics

  16. chamorro

    Anyone have a remote start?

    I installed the Viper 791XV about 6 months ago. If you do decide to get that one I suggest get it online because it retails for $599. I got mine for $179 shipped. When and if you do get it and you get it installed Ford/Lincoln uses a chip that you insert your key into so you're going to need...
  17. chamorro

    Alpine system installed

    that's real clean man. i just got my alpine iva-d310 installed the other day, after i got it back i didn't notice it when i was at the shop but there's no bass at all, the speakers sound like :q:q:q:q, is there a stock alpine amp that the wires should have been connected to? i think it should...
  18. chamorro

    Alpine Iva-d310

    yeah i tried the mx and there's nothing. if you heard it, it sounds like the speakers are running on just the highs.
  19. chamorro

    Alpine Iva-d310

    I just had my Alpine IVA-D310 the other day and I have a question. The sound of it sounds like crap. My speakers aren't sounding like they used to with the stock deck. I don't know much about the stock system, is there a stock amp that should have been plugged in? There is no bass what so...
  20. chamorro

    Check out these pics. Makes me wonder what happened to the country.

    damn that sucks...........u got some :q:q:qget ass haters over where u live.....some immature little :q:q:q:qs.....that pisses the hell outta me even tho it ain't my car........hope the paintjob goes well.