Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Meet

my family also owns a bar and pizza joint downtown called homeslice, really good beer and pizza! there would be some cool places downtown for some photos by the river too
Available for August 20th


Is everyone who said they can come still good? It's a week away. We need to find a place in Toledo to meet
My grandmother said we should go to Tony Packos . Now I thought the same thing all you guys are now! Uhhh NO. But a friend of mine chimed in today and suggested it as well.
My intentions are to be there. The only thing that is holding me up is my body shop. My car finally went in the booth yesterday and when I went by I saw the bumpers still in the shop area. I was told that they needed a special paint and would be shot monday. My headlights are still on location in Michigan still waiting for the angel eye rings to show up.

It will be close for me, BUT I took a vacation day and I will be in the car if it is finished. Just gonna be close!!
I'm sitll planning on going. I'm sure my wife won't be too happy. I've been gone for a month, I'll be back for one day then leave for this! LOL she'll get over it.

I'd be down for some pizza/wings BEER!:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer:Beer
I'm mad I missed the wixom meet.. I stay right there.. let's do another wixom meet up
Nobody offered up any good alternatives or suggestions other then Toledo.

Meet will be August 20th in Toledo at a time/place to be determined

I'd suggest sometime between 1-3pm to meet
Can we make it a little later in the day? Noon is a little early for me. I have a 3 hour drive and don't want to hurry again. And if its not so early it might last longer Than 3 in the afternoon
It's just a suggestion. Whenever we can all get together is fine.

I have a bad feeling that everyone is just going to drop out and not show up like the last two times everyone tried to meet in MI
1 or 2 pm is fine. I figure jolink is def in. He was solo in the MI meet. I know im in. Ill go out on a limb and assume you're in Justin! Lol.
I'm in. If nobody else shows we can just eat until we enter food coma status, get drunk and go flip off the monkeys at the zoo
Well I might have to work that day now. I'm trying my best to get it off. But if I do not depending on where the meet is I might just have to run down on my lunch since I work 5 mins from Toledo, LOL
1 or 2 pm is fine. I figure jolink is def in. He was solo in the MI meet. I know im in. Ill go out on a limb and assume you're in Justin! Lol.

You bet I'm in. I'll even have time to get a nap in before heading out for a 2pm meet! Gotta love 3rd shift...
I may be helping my brother move but I will be in medina which is like 15 20 minutes from norwalk and like an hour or so from toledo, I should be able to come just a little late, I'll text you either way justin to let you know
I won't be able to stay long, but I WILL be able to make it. Here's a few suggestions for meeting, driving, and/or photos:

Meet/Eat possibilities:
1. Tony Paco's (historic Toledo eating place as referenced from M.A.S.H. show)
1902 Front St.
Toledo, OH 43605

Paco's is on the East Side of town and near the Maumee River. There's also some of other restaurants that offer a different vibe/atmosphere there (Old Navy Bistro, etc). It's also near a park that's right on the river that would may offer good photo possibilities (International Park).

2. Don Pablo's Mexican Kitchen
6040 Knights Inn Pl.
Maumee, OH 43537

Good mexican restaurant that is right off of highway 23 (somewhat near I-75). There are a lot of other restaurants around that area to choose from.

3. The Village Idiot
309 Conant St.
Maumee, OH 43537

For something a little unique or different, the Idiot is an eclectic bar that specializes in live music and oven-baked pizza with sometimes unusual (but good) ingredients. Crystal Bowersocks (last year's American Idol runner-up) got her start there. This is in downtown Maumee that is near a scenic (if that's actually possible in Toledo) driving route through the Perrysburg area along the Maumee river.

4. Frickers/BW3/Hooters/Other sports bars - Toledo has a ton of them, so it would just be a matter of picking one or an area closest to a particular highway/exit.

I'm trying to think of other good places for photos, but don't have anything else as of yet.
We haven't seen anything from some of you guys in awhile. Can anyone else confirm they are for sure coming

So far:
^^^ Nice write up ! Thanks for all the MUCH needed local info ! All of those places are great (Excluding the Mexican - Im out on mexican food. Yuck!!):D

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