Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Meet

I like how T-Money thinks. That would be one short drive for tripwire and me.

Still agree.. i live as far from fort wayne as the people who live on the very very east end of ohio.. and i live in the middle of il.. if you move the location any further east its more favorable to ohio indiana michigan,, just forget the Illinoisans then.. everyone should be able to get to the location on one tank of gas lol..
Newb question, never did a meet before just saying meeting in Fort Wayne would be convenient.

What all goes on at these things anyway?
^^ You just show up stand around and shoot the bull mostly. Sometimes there's a cruise or dinner stop.
We all get really trashed then bet on who makes it home! Or we just stand around and talk. Oh yeah and pictures! Lots of pics!
So far nobody from the MI area really has shown any interest. Toledo would be a good compromise I think to split the ride between all the OH and IN members
I'll probably go as long as I'm in town. I wouldn't mind Ft. Wayne or Toledo...Toledo would be close but not necessarily fair to everybody. Lets figure out a Date first then see who could make it and from those people pick a fair location.
Everyone please give us your availability on meeting up. Pick Saturday(s) between August 20th and September 24th
I'm good with any of those Saturdays. Things might change with work but as for now, any of them will work for me.
As of now, August 20 th is good for me. I can't really plan for September yet till I get a quota for that month and I won't get that info till about the 2nd week of August.
No kidding. I'm at Ford and Wildwood....basically closer to the park by Mike Modano ice arena. If we both go we should head out together.
There will also be a car show here in canton ohio, heres the info, it would be a nice show for us Ohio people.

My uncle dave is the owner of one of the Giant eagles in this are and his son Christian was born with only have a heart so this is to benifit the Heart Association.

I still would like to attend the other one if find a date and place for it, if anyone can come let me know either pm me or go to http://ameritune.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/more-events/ scroll down to events and post in the comments section

It will be August 19th rain or shine 4:00 to 8:00 pm

Giant Eagle, 3100 Cromer Ave, Canton ohio

Located in the 30th street plaza

Entry Fee $10.00

Plaques: Top ten and Best of Show, Participant judging, T-shirts for first 100 cars


Music by: Spikeman

For more information contact

Dave <> Tony
So is Toledo the final spot? and Im good to meet on any Saturday not sure what time ill be able to get there though lol
So for August 20th we have:

Anybody else? What about some of the others from the last attempt.....


If we can finalize a list of who is coming then we can pick a location
I will try as well but I can't guarantee it just yet. If you guys from Westland head down let me know maybe I can hook up with the two of you.
^^^^^ 66coupe ,I'm pretty sure nobody will mind! That's why we all get together, to meet one another. I'm trying to get ahold of a few people that lived in my neighborhood. One neighbor had 2 first gens and another neighbor bought his right before I moved out. We'll see !
The whole month of August I have tournaments on sat but I will see if I can weasel out of it on the 20th? Also just depends on location..

Maybe South Bend.. Anywhere northern Indiana/Ohio, or Southern MI

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