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  1. CaptainZilog

    Cool Test

    Got me right.
  2. CaptainZilog

    The Odds of Dying

    I don't think a rock the size of Texas could be accurately described as a meteorite.
  3. CaptainZilog

    electric supercharging

    Naw, that's ideal. What you do is determine the T0 (initial temperature) and P0 (initial pressure) and then Tf (final temperature) and Pf (final pressure). When you determine what temperature the gas is heated to, you can take the difference in temperatures and then you find out how much heat...
  4. CaptainZilog

    The Odds of Dying

    I think the asteroid impact is also taking into account severity. If an asteroid would hit earth, we're all fuked.
  5. CaptainZilog

    electric supercharging

    I did the math on this stuff a while back. It really takes an insane amount of power to compress air. More than I think you can imagine. I got into a pretty heated flame war with some tool on another message board when he was stating that he could use a leaf blower to supercharge his 460...
  6. CaptainZilog

    US Military

    I was one signature away from being a Nuclear Engineer in the USN. Did my ASVAB and everything. Sometimes I regret not going in, because that was like the only chance I will ever get to run a nuclear power plant. Oh well.
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    Nope, someone fuc|< ed up hard on my record. They sent it in wrong or something. I have been arrested once, but the court threw it all away. However, it basically appears that I have 2 UUW charges with no disposition on my record. The cops usually aren't too happy when they run into me. And...
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    Grrr, plainfield... The f'ing FBI thinks I got arrested there and it has screwed me out of more jobs than I can think about without getting homicidal.
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    Safety First!

    Actually, those forklifts can steadily lift asstons of weight. That's probably the safest way to do it.
  10. CaptainZilog

    275hp and 300hp

    Peak horsepower isn't acceleration. It's just a measure of instantaneous power output at a given RPM. The other cam (lower peak HP) probably provides more low end torque (which gives more horsepower lower in the powerband). That particular cam design probably sacrifices high end power to remain...
  11. CaptainZilog

    j-mod help....

    The Jmod is a modification to the 4R70W by the guy who invented the thing. J = Jerry. Upgraded clutches, manual diode, bands, opening valve body passages, etc... I believe it makes the trans capable of holding 750 ft/lbs. So it's not really a "shift kit", you're really going to gut the trans and...
  12. CaptainZilog

    Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax

    Did Greenspan say he was going to stop taxing property? That would be retarded.
  13. CaptainZilog

    Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax

    Joey, you only have a 7% tax? Bastard, I live like 30 minutes from you and I pay almost 9%.
  14. CaptainZilog

    How bout a little "Afternoon Delight"

    WTF? Scotch, steak, and french toast... Man, I drank a f-load last night, and that is not something I wanted to hear :( *blarrrrgh*
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    Omg--- Rofl

    Liberace, hahahaha
  16. CaptainZilog

    Oh boy, hope this doesn't get ugly, sure hope my stealership

    Pay by credit and use the power of Visa or Mastercard to make them eat their own ass if they yank you around.
  17. CaptainZilog

    Sifrino: Oil Leak, Trans Slips, Very Nervous. . .

    You changed the front and rear main seals? Are you sure? Make sure it isn't leaking out of the oil pressure switch as well.
  18. CaptainZilog

    NEW MARK VII owner!!!

    Hey, is the pedal really hard to push but gives you no stopping power? That's usually the ABS accumulator, switch or relay going out. Search Lincolns OnLine for the proper diag procedures for that.
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    Uh, is it out of gas? Check spark at the distributor. If you get it there, check spark at the plugs. Are you sure the starter is engaging the flexplate? Keep us updated.
  20. CaptainZilog

    Average Expected Life of Cadillacs

    Old people suck at driving. Therefore, none of the parts in the car have been pushed hard at all. The first time you slam on the gas will be the first time all those parts have seen that kind of power. Things start to break after that. If you cruise and don't gas it like I do, you'll be fine...