What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

Finally got around to replacing the Asham8 module. :)

Stock Height:

My preferred cruising height: :)

Slammed... :cool:

Jacked! :D
Yesterday I added washer fluid to the 97 DD. I started the 98, haven't started it in about two months. It's a partial garage garage queen. While I was running the 98 I noticed a low tire on the 96 so I aired the official garage queen tires up.:D :D
On the 97:\Removed the bumper, lights, rear seat, climate controll, center console, information center controlls, door pannels, evap tray, stereo and the mirror.

On the 98 I was gonna install my brakes but can not get the correct banjo bolt today so I am about to go out and roll my fenders. :D
The 94 got the rear view mirror hung again and the 97 got the seafoam treatment. First time since I put the cobra intake on and man was it smokey!!!
Rolled the fenders and removed my center caps so Geno can make me some Lincoln ones. Then I sensor lowered the back and took her for a nice high speed drive over some bumps. :D
Washed it at 6am drove 8 miles to work 8 miles home. The from Zhills to SR10 a nice 7 hour round trip got 24ave mpg
Ok, so, my day started out at 3 am this morning getting ready for a flight out of Huntsville International Airport to Atlanta to go buy my new 95 Mark. I took these pics from the sky.



Then I got on another jet, Boeing 757 to take me to Tampa International Airport so that Jamie could come pick me up. He shows up in the 95 after he cleaned it up inside real good. We went to his house and picked up his 93 and I followed him to his shop so that he could install the new compressor that I had sent him from Eddie.

Here he is working on it with his bald head.


So while he's doing that, I'm going around and admiring the custom white trunk lock cover that suits that car perfect.


I then took a shot of the rear end while the front was jacked up.


And then I took a few pics of the 100% completely perfect rear window gasket that looks new from the factory. It hasn't been fixed to look this way, it's just a perfect gasket with not one ripple anywhere.



Then I took some pics of the interior of the car. Jamie is still hooking me up with the compressor install and doing a damn good job I might add.




I also took a couple of pics of the Rosemist he has in the shop ready to be parted out.



Then I went outside and took a few pics of his 93 with the new chrome 10 spokes on it. He was still doing my compressor install.




Then he was done and I helped a little getting the front bumper cover back on and then I paid him his cash for the 95. He tried jipping me $100 but it didn't work lol.


Now I'm on my way home with it but I'm tired, sleepy, it's raining and I stopped and got me a room for the night so that I can make the drive in the morning. Took a pic of the palm trees or bushes, whatever they are, outside of the place I'm staying.


Now, I'm going to sleep. I think I have had enough for the day. Walking Atlanta's airport back and forth two times was hell just to find out that my flight decided to leave 10 minutes early. Had to wait an hour on the next flight to Tampa International. I'll be back home tomorrow sometime. Not in any rush. I love the car and it drives wonderful.

I got to meet some of the guys that hang at the shop and even Don Vitto lol. He was a character.
haha sweet, look at my sexy head! i didnt realize you took so many pics guess i was pre-occupied! i'm glad you are happy, i was as honest as i could be about it, and for the price its a hell of a clean ass 95. i liked it more than shari did, but oh well! i'm glad after 3 to 4 years we finally met, it sucks what lead to us meeting, but i guess it was meant to be! enjoy the car man, i know she'll treat you good.
94 mark VIII rose mist

I looked at my mark's picture cause thats all I can do,its still waiting for a truck to pick it up from seattle and drop it off in chi-town,I have to wait longer for the right price,,about 29 hour trip
This past week I put HIDs in my Mark... Its great that I can see now. Had to add a quart of oil... Ugh the Mark has a slow leak. Today I think Im going to under take removing the plastic chrome on the bumper. Wish me luck!
LSC exhaust

Today finally got to install the LSC exhaust on my 93 Mark today...well we were at it ditched the mufflers for some flowmasters i had kicking around, installation went great

Now its gonna goto the shop across the road and get a hpipe made in place for the 3rd cat...should louden things up a bit
Nice ride indeed, it couldnt have went to a better guy. Good luck with this one!!!!

Thanks for that.

Just made it home with it less than 30 min ago and it drove back like a new one. The 98 air bags in the front and the sensor lower, you would think it would be a little rough but it's not and rides better than my 94 did. Anyway, made it home safe and it's now setting next to the bomb car. I hope the 94 don't look over at the 95 and get pissed off. :D
Today I installed the speakers, sub, amp and bluetooth module. I also changed the mounting bracket for the deck so it wasnt so sunken into the dash. Now its flush. Then I cut an ABS trim ring to fill the gaps. Looks pretty slick now. :D
I took 2 photos of my shock actuator.:D

After driving 90 miles to a train show.:)

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