What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

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Pepe the frog (CDT Unity 8 drivers)!

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I never liked the way the door panel covered the door speakers so this happened.

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Ok, so that's maybe a little crazy, but mad props for the skill set! As one other person mentioned, tell me about then center cupholder! I've seen one other person who did a similar setup, with and LED Lincoln logo and USB charging. Any hints or tips for someone who probably can't even begin to replicate it?
Programed the new spare and key fob.
Looked for some tires for the new rims.

Did a transmission pan drop & torque converter drain in hopes to clean up some TC shudder. Its a 98 with 127k

I found the original dip stick plug in the pan… I was the first to drop the pan. Kinda feels like a special moment… lol

If your in there, you might want to consider the J mod. and check you valve springs for a broken one. The Jmod makes one hell of a difference in clean sharp 1-2-3 shifts. Factory porting was horribly mushy and oil heating. If you havent read this, its worth a look.

Oh, I recommend Amsoil trans fluid. It fixed 2 shudder problems on 2 different vehicles I'v had. It stinks for about 2K miles in the Lincoln but the bad smell does eventually go away. The mark shifts like a bandit w/ Jmod and Amsoil in the pan.
Your car looks great. Looked up the ceramic film. I'm glad I never got around to doing mine with the old stuff. Its on my bucket list now.

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