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  • I saw a write up of your super charger build but can't find it anymore.....I was hoping you had a link for it...I thought it was on the explorer site
    How is the Kenne bell as far as drivability in your mark? I see a lot more people with the vortech centrifugal and such, which means having to buy an intake manifold as well. I know I would like more low RPM torque.
    If you still have that oil pan I would like to buy it. How does $100 plus shipping sound I don't know what they're worth so let me know if thats not enough thanks.
    Was told to get ahold of you..i am looking for a complete used 4.10 diff..let me know and thanks
    Laser, i thought I saw in your Sig that you have a Focus SVT Pump in your mark. If so what year, and is a direct replacement.....also where did you get it? Thanks man, My Mark Pump just took a :q:q:q:q on me...Gotta Love it...
    Do you have an email that would be easier to communicate? I am looking at ways to ship that would not cost a fortune.
    hey bill i got a message you called obviously its too late to call now but whats up, do you want me to call you tomorrow or do you have a question i can answer this way, either way let me know.
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