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  • yeah still palm harbor but i now live near the corner of tampa rd and alt 19. just off CR-1 on forest grove blvd. easy to get to. i hear ya about keeping it original nothing weird about that!!
    Well props to you for making a change....I know how you feel. Sometimes I marvel at how excited I was about some hobbies and other interests that I just yawn about today. Life is all about growing and changing.
    RE: My Mark ----- OK, I still might go the used eBay route, if I can find some reasonable. Would like to keep car stock. (I know I'm weird).
    Watching eBay for used fronts...
    Still in Palm Harbor?
    yeah i am getting away from them i am tired of working on them, looking at them, thinking about them!!! 12 years turing wrenches on one kind of car will eventually make you hate them!! i would fix yours if you decide what you want to do, but as far as working on them like i used to i'm all finished! yes i did move but it happened too fast to make a plan or ask for help, i basically moved a 2000 sq ft house myself with a 1500 short bed chevy, it was far from fun. i dont come here much anymore either im on the mustang forums now more than here. i still have my 98 lsc but i wont own one for myself again, it was fun but now time for a new hobby! let me know if you want to fix the car and when you are ready and i'll help ya out. all my tools and compressor are home so i can do anything here i could at my shop.
    So are you getting away from working on Mark VIII's? I hav'nt been on the forum much but do come over and lurk once on a while.
    I did see you moved....had I known I would have offered to help.
    Anyways, not sure what Im doin' on the fronts.....It's just so erratic.
    Congrats on the 'stang. Looks SWWEET.
    As usual I'm looking for you help??? Front Air Struts...Sometimes Leaked...but only when real cold out. Now doing it almost every night. Sensors? Bags shot?
    Got any on hand?
    one more ? needing some exhaust that kick ass man...these just dont cut it, for myself driving around, what would you put on yours?
    Hey Jamie,I meant to ask you if you had a good set of corner marker lights for a gen one.Mine are not the most flash.Do you O/H these things as well? If you have a set let me know a price please.Thanks again,Tom
    I was also going to note that there are refractors built into the back of the housing, so I am glad I don't have to re-chrome it. I don't believe it would work properly due to how narrow some of the grooves are. So I guess we need to check into this spray chrome I heard about, for when it comes time to do this.
    I haven't tested the flexibility of the chrome tape yet, but if I could use a burnishing tool to press it into the grooves, it may still work. I am currently attempting to cut a backing plate to hold my aftermarket 9005 HID bulbs into the factory hole.
    One last thing, the HID kit I am using is from LS Koncepts, and I spent around $200 on it, I was wondering how much of a difference you think there may be, between it and the $40 kits you referenced from e-bay.
    Hi, I tried contacting Martin as well, but it would not allow me. Anyhow,
    I have a few interesting notes to add to your knowledge bank, since it appears that you are the headlight guru here. I took my previously mentioned '96 HID housings out of the box, as I was going to attempt the re-chroming process on them. The chrome looks great on them, despite discoloration of the lenses. I am guessing it is partially due to the environment, but also the cooler burning Xenon gas.
    Now here is my bit, the deflector in the low beam side is chromed on the outside, but has a matte black finish on the inside of it. I guess if they chromed the inside it would project the square shape of it. It also appears it may be polished stainless as well...
    any idea when the j-mod trans plate is being shipped so I can set an appt with my trans place for the install? Thanks
    The castings are not as defined as the moog/trw castings.I will try to send you pics this weekend.I dont want to say anything on the site but I wouldnt buy from them in the future.Oh and one of them was bent and wouldnt fit in the mounts.
    Hey Jamie,I was going to install the upper control arms that I got from arnot and one of them was bent and would not fit.These were not TRW.Was I wrong in thinking these were TRW pieces?These were just like the castings from the aftermarket(chinese junk)people.What do you think?
    Hey Jamie,I know we talked about the t bird lLCAs and I have looked at the ones on ebay.The moog ones are 74 a piece which doesnt seem bad to me for moog.The autozone are 130 or something close.Which company seller on ebay do you suggest? Thank you,Tom
    the car has 160, does that track have that, couldnt tell you, all i know is it works and thats what is important to me. you can buy a new one for 900 bucks if you want!
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