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    out of all my Marks .....

    I so miss my 97 LSC. I still go through my pics now and then and get all bummed when I think about this car. Wish I still had it.
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    This should shock some people lol

    Hopefully this worked!
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    This should shock some people lol

    Hey Bill how are you
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    This should shock some people lol

    I wish I knew how to post a picture from my phone I'd show you one of the smokers it's mounted on a dual axle car trailer. The firebox is made out of 1/2 inch steel plate and just the fire box alone weighs about 500 lbs! Far from your backyard smoker all 3 were built for a bbq restaurant in...
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    This should shock some people lol

    Lol right!! Thanks everyone it's been a rough past few years going through divorce and finally quitting my job I was very unhappy at for years. Got a new job that really is cool doing what I do now it's different everyday. I recently built 3 BBQ smokers out of 1,000 gallon propane tanks, they...
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    Is this guy still around??

    No parts left everything I had ended up with Rich ( my great 8 ) and yes I'm still in fl.
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    This should shock some people lol

    Actually he was my father in law, I was married to his daughter until 3 years ago we divorced.
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    Is this guy still around??

    I'm around, just not into the scene anymore!
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    This should shock some people lol

    Omg he is alive!! Only the old schoolers will know me none of the members after 2011 will! What's up LVC just thought I would pop in and say hello. Not sure what made me think if coming on, surprised I even remembered my password. Not much new here except a whole koy of white hair on my face and...
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    blues dispare and agony on me...Deep Dark

    i just threw a perfectly good 1st gen hood in the dumpster at my old shop. Matt moved out and the stuff i still had in there went to rich, but i threw a hood away. it may still be there you can go look!
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    How have we not seen this before?

    These are my favorite
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    Need factory exhaust pipe size

    i think they are 2 1/8"
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    98 C.E for sale

    for anyone interested, there is a white 98 collector edition for sale on hwy US 19 in port richey florida a block south of the Ridge rd/ US 19 intersection. i dont know the miles but the windshield says 5,950 i think, or 4,950 one or the other. its at some auto repair shop out front, i think its...
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    Pioneer F700BT Double Din Navigation

    hey greg, i'll buy it in a week if you still have it, i would now but no cash, i was waiting for my tax refund to buy one for my escape, so if you still have it i'll buy it.
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    Emergency blend door fix...

    you bhave to move the black arm not the gray one. if the gray one has come disconnected like the picture above ^ then moving the gray arm wont get you heat YO