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  • Hey whats up man? I heard from here http://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/showthread.php?t=76914 about a swap you just did.
    "hmm.i suggest something like what driller just did. he took a 5.0 modular block, put a 5.0 stroker kit in it, and came out to 5.3 liters.
    most recent dyno sheet showed about 330 hp and torque, but looks like with tuning he just might hit 400 hp. thats as much power as a stock 5.4 and still no iron block!
    only 5.4 aluminium block i know of is the ford gt block."

    I was just wanting to pick your brain about this. Was this on a Lincoln Town Car? Is this 5.0 block found in the ford explorer? Would any 5.4 or lincoln mark 8 motor bolt right up without modifying anything or only certain years? What did you do about the computer? Did you do that piggy back thing? Thanks for any info.
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