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    where to get cooling fan motor

    If you uncover the wiring harness on your Mark VIII, you will find one wire terminates to nothing. So basically you have 2 wires going to the fan motor. One is a variable positive voltage from 50% to 100% battery voltage from the VCRM while the other is a ground. The last fan motor I replaced...
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    96 Mark VIII Cranks but no start when engine warm?

    Need more info... short of that we're spitballing. Maybe check for codes again? If it were mine, I'd be curious what the plugs looked like. That would require pulling the plugs when the 'no-start' happens. Obviously you would need to pre-plan. Next random thought would be the IACV. I believe...
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    96 Mark VIII Cranks but no start when engine warm?

    Test for fuel pressure first. You can rent or buy a gauge to attach to the fuel rail schrader valve. Attach the gauge, turn the key on and see if you get pressure. The fuel pump runs a couple seconds when you key the ignition without turning it all the way to the start position. You may need to...
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    96 Mark VIII Cranks but no start when engine warm?

    Have you tried to depress the accelerator to the floor when cranking? From your description, it sounds like it is flooding during the warm restart. If that is the case, when the accelerator is held to the floor for wide open throttle, the fuel injectors are shut off which helps clear the...
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    Radiator Replacement

    Park overnight. Once fully cold, remove crossover cap and check if crossover is full of coolant. Top off as necessary and replace cap. Then you can top off reservoir as needed. *Do not open reservoir with crossover cap removed.* Drive, rinse and repeat cold check until no coolant is needed. It...
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Nice job on Linky!
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    Just totaled my Mark VIII

    I took this "total"... ... and rebuilt it to this... I used a parts car and did most of the work myself with the exception of replacing the quarter panel and final paint.
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    My first Mark VIII Project

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    Turn the key, everything dies...?

    Starter solenoid is heat soaking?
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    Alignment: Ford tech mounted two tires in 5x108 & 2 in 5x110

    I've always heard you want as much caster as possible, so I don't think I'd lose sleep over it. Could just be a glitch in the software?
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    Subsitution a 2000 to 2002 conti or towne lincoln susp. compressor for a mark 8 1996-1998?

    I couldn't swear to it but I've seen the Town Car compressors and they are not much like the Mark VIII compressors, so I would say no.
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    Which coil spring conversion should I buy?

    It's not the air suspension, it's the worn out suspension bushings and shocks(front/rear). If the bags hold air, they are better than coil springs - it's the other suspension components you need to concentrate on!
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    Calling all Modded Mark 8s

    My '93 from way back when... 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII It's a lot different and a little bit quicker now (see sig). I need a new page. o_O
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    IRS Sub-Frame Bolt Removal
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    Faster MK8