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  1. M4rk

    Axle nut on back order from Ford, aftermarket alternatives?

    BigRig should have an extra.
  2. M4rk

    Greed over supply & demand

    It's not all about the production numbers. Lexus produced less than 12k IS-Fs and the car has far more aftermarket than the LS. My '14 is 1 of ~300.
  3. M4rk

    Waiting Room

    I miss this forum. I haven't even qualified as a real member yet, over at ClubLexus. Need 30 posts :shifty:
  4. M4rk

    Gen II Parts for Sale - Trunk Lid, Surround, Inner Tails

    ** I posted in the FS sub-forum but no one goes there :) ** Hi folks, I need to clear out some extra parts I no longer have a need for since the LS is gone...
  5. M4rk

    For Sale LS Gen II Parts - Trunk Lid, Lic Plate Surround, Tail Lamps (CAD)

    Hi folks, I need to clear out some extra parts I no longer have a need for since the LS is gone. Please PM only as I will not be actively monitoring this topic. For a quick shipping quote, include both your city and area/zip code please. Parts for: Gen II Lincoln LS (03-06) Item 1...
  6. M4rk

    My LS Looks Different!

    Well guys, after nearly 5.5 years of ownership it was finally time to let her go and move on... A fellow LVC'er picked up my LS today and drove her home. As my first car, I part with a heavy hart and will certainly miss it, but I now have a new toy to enjoy and focus my energy (and spend...
  7. M4rk


    Free alternative:
  8. M4rk

    G-RELL's Full PLasti Dip & Others

    What a transformation! Can't wait to see it dipped.
  9. M4rk

    Trunk Release, no power

    Update: Took out the lock cylinder, soaked it with brake cleaner and viola! Fixed. A lot of black gunk came out in the process. The cylinder itself was stuck inside the metal housing and could not turn, the pins were fine. Why haven't I done that sooner?
  10. M4rk

    What is the Best/Reliable Year LS V8? Buying another one.

    Do you even research?
  11. M4rk

    Trunk Release, no power

    Lubed the lock cylinder, no dice. Also tried my spare key, no dice (verified it to work in ignition and door lock). Emergency trunk release also works fine. Time to bring the cylinder to a lock smith I guess.
  12. M4rk

    Trunk Release, no power

    Will do, thank you. Would white lithium suffice?
  13. M4rk

    Trunk Release, no power

    What could be the cause of this, aside from using a valet key? I don't recall having this problem, but recently found out neither of my keys open the trunk manually via the lock cylinder. Any troubleshooting I can do? I checked the service manual but there wasn't much in that regard IIRC.
  14. M4rk

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Any pics of that new 535i?
  15. M4rk

    For Sale...2000 lincoln ls parts (ontario) Cheap!!!

    Did you finish highschool?
  16. M4rk

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Took it through a -much needed- car wash. It's been helluva cold and snowing a lot, tons of salt was caked on everywhere. Also noticing some transmission-related issues to be possibly developing. 2->3 shift flared today, and in the past few days, on the way home from work after merging up to...
  17. M4rk

    Engine (block)heater

    I *think* I saw 2000W somewhere.
  18. M4rk

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Out of all things, why cheap out on tires?
  19. M4rk

    V8 vs. V6 Differences

    Odd, mine are not aluminium. Wonder what other errors are posted on that list.