My LS Looks Different!


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Feb 13, 2010
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Well guys, after nearly 5.5 years of ownership it was finally time to let her go and move on...

A fellow LVC'er picked up my LS today and drove her home. As my first car, I part with a heavy hart and will certainly miss it, but I now have a new toy to enjoy and focus my energy (and spend money) on. The LS is in good hands and it may be seen on here again ;)

I would like to thank the community for being a top notch resource and a great hangout. Thank you! Owning this car has been a great pleasure and a terrific learning experience. If it wasn't for the LS, my mechanical abilities and knowledge would have likely been a lot lesser, perhaps the upside of owning an older, high maintenance car. Thanks to the coincidental decision to buy this LS, I discovered my true passion and joy, and I have absolutely no regrets in buying my '03 V8 - it leaves behind a lot of history.

Some final parting photos:







I managed to also make a proper video of the exhaust setup:

And finally, some quick photos of the 2014 Lexus IS-F I picked up recently: 5.0L V8, 416hp, 371lb-ft




A proper photoshoot will take place soon, I can post the photos if you guys would like.

I will continue to creep around, but won't post much. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or hatemail.


Congrats on the new car! Those things are pretty nice! All you guys seem to be selling your LS's, it's always interesting seeing what you guys replace them with. Good luck with it! :D :Beer
Congrats! I've always liked that Lexus; although you'll have to let us know your experiences with that 8-speed. I've heard, at least on older models, less than favorable reviews.
Right on M4rk, was nice meeting you after all these years! We hit the curvies on the way home and she was not afraid to try and keep up, we stopped to get a coffee on the way home, took her forever to carefully park it, she got out with a huge smile and said "I love it, it rides great", she's in good hands. I attempted my further discussion of which parts are going on my LS, she would have no such talk. Thanks again and enjoy your new IS-F, it's real sharp looking!

(My wife had to pry the LS keys from his hands)
Good luck M4rk! Beautiful car and a nice upgrade!
Great choice! I like the exterior, wheel, and interior color combos

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