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    So I picked up a Yaris coupe

    I actually picked it up at the auction, so I grabbed it pretty cheap.. There is something to be said for having friends with a dealers license. It is pretty comfortable. but it does take some time to get used to. The one thing that is pretty sweet is that I have already put 190 miles on it...
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    So I picked up a Yaris coupe

    I'm on the road about 25,000 miles per year, so I figured it would be a good idea to get a road car. My thoughts are that using the Yaris for the daily commute will not only save me a bunch of money on gas, it will help keep the mileage low on the LS. I am really conflicted about this purchase...
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    2000 ls v8 sport package! sputtering need some advice please

    It may be a good idea to scan it and see if you have any pending codes. The cheapie COP's are know for having a few faulty ones in every set. The odds are good that you have one or two bad COP's (even though they're new)
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    LS burning smell

    Have you nocited any coolant loss? Could you have a pin hole in your heater core? Or do you think it could be something as simple as the dust burning off the heater core from not having been used all summer? As far as the rattle goes, take a peak under the car see if any of the heat shields...
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    LS burning smell

    the burning smell.... it's inside the car, or outside?
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    Tire help!

    Well you didn't really give it a whole lot of time before ya started bumping huh? Ha-ha I have had good luck with the Continental brand, they wear like iron. Check out the Michellin MXM4 too.
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    Loud Electric Fan?

    ^^ Yep!!
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    How many miles on your LS

    I am at 126k on an 04 Sport. Still running strong, in fact it still runs, drives and handles better than most other cars I have owned with half of it's mileage.
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    2012 Calendar Poll

    Can we add 1 vote for number 3 just so I can say I got a vote..haha
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    What do you think I could expect to get

    Let's not get bogged down with minor details :) I am not opposed to lowering my standards haha
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    What do you think I could expect to get

    Haha.. a fat finger caught on the web.. lol should have been "world"
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    What do you think I could expect to get

    I am thinking of getting rid of my 04 and looking for an 06. I'm wondering what I could expect to get ($$ wise) from my 04. It is the V8 sport with chrome wheels new tires, brakes, COP's 5% windows 129k on the clock. Everything works and looks perfect. Do you think $9k is un-realistic? I...
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    West wing spoiler Lincoln ls

    Usually, $25 shipped! I'll pm my address Lol
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    Alternative to the M3 lip spoiler

    I got cold feet after reading the posts with the seller reply to the emails that were sent.
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    Flashing yellow AdvanceTrac icon after New Brakes

    Sounds like one of your ABS Sensors are acting up. Probably one of the rears