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    popped the question...

    congrats am so happy for you. finding someone special that you can share everything with is what it is all about. you can have everything in the world, but if there is no one to show or share it with, it means nothing.
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    Blown Motorrrr

    double murderer. thanks for making my car rarer though.
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    Feeler: FS '95 Mark VIII NITROUS 02 Trans 4.10s

    3700 for a gen 1 mark? good luck.
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    its a northern car. the salt eats everything up under the hood even if you wash it on a daily basis.
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    car wont start

    got it running. thanks titan. it turned out that the crank positioning sensor is going bad. i wiggled the connection and whamo the car started right up. thanks again.
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    car wont start

    nope. it happened after i got off of work and left me stranded at night. i will check those in the morning. thanks for the tip.
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    car wont start

    the car just turns over, but wont start. i think i can here the fuel pump, but im not sure. i think it may be the vcrm, however i would like to hear everyones input first before i order parts. also as a side note, while i turn the engine over after about a half of a minute the gas gauge needle...
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    How many Mark owners here?

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    that seems to be the going price for those engines though. havent ran across one yet for less than 8 grand.
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    Dude, For 11 Grand You Could Have A Built Bullet Proof Tranny And A Built Supercharged Mark Engine. Its Not Worth The Trouble. Spen Your Money On The Stuff Already In The Car.
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    new owner, couple questions

    and dump the ls and buy a mark 8.
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    New air intake tube. What ya think?

    how much are ya selling them for?
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    thats awesome. i might go with the x3 for my cobra.
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    Center Console

    pop the shifter trim piece nd there should be 4 screws holding the upper trim piece and the front of the center console. there are 2 more screws in the console storage compartment. you will have to lift out the rubber piece lying at the bottom to see them. pop out the upper trim and remove the...