I did a novel rear shock install with my coil spring conversion. I wanted the ability to raise the rear a bit if need be or like some, might want to hall some weight. The fix is get a pair of Monroe MA815 Max air shocks with that air line kit that comes with them. The only thing you will use off that air line kit is the thumb nut that holds the air line on the shock and maybe the plastic air fill valve. The additional air line kit you need to buy off Ebay is the AK29 kit. That kit has far better air lines with a 90 Deg bend at the shock that is needed to clear the tire and those have double O rings. The shocks are in fact the correct length compressed & extended. You will need to cut the cross mount pins out of the shock eyes along with pressing out the rubber grommet. Order Energy Suspension #9-9105 Link Flange kit. Those bushings are a tad wider than the eye so I just grind the inner end of the bushing thinner by .100" then they press into the eye with just a bench vise very nicely to the correct eye width. Since I want to run the car with an extra inch or 2 higher in the rear, I took only the bushings out of a Moog K700537 stabilizer link kit and swap them in on the EOM link rod. This makes the link rod about an inch longer so the sway bar link eye wont be so pinched on the rod bushing since the wheel Geometry is lower out of the wheel well. If you want to keep the car at the OEM rear height, skip the Moog link bushings.





Originally the air line kits want you to run both shocks off one Schrader valve. But that's not a good idea and with buying the extra AK29 line kit, that will allow you to valve each shock individually so in the turns, you don't transfer air pressure from one shock to the other.
Valving each like this helps the sway bar out in the turns while not giving up any firmness at shock compression in those turns. I ordered 1/8th air line metal ones & made brackets.


Here I have 22 lbs of air in the shocks and that's the minimum. They are rated for up to 150 lbs and 1100 lbs of load. So they are pretty well built to handle those specs. I just like the higher profile.