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Some progress...... I guess I was enjoying that turbo too much. Went and picked this trophy up from the shop.


HOLY F.M.R. man!
That truly sux.
I haven't pulled the motor apart, and I'm too lazy to dig through the thread, are those the stock rods? Those things are beefy. Any idea on what lead up to the departure of 1/8 of your piston?
Yeah that's a stock piston and rod. Well the Turbo added more stress to the engine but I wouldn't really beat on it either way. Besides full throttle during the dyno, I had only floored it a handful of times and besides that mostly 3/4 throttle when I was having fun in her with the turbo. Getting forged internals, the pistons will be custom and the rods are off the shelf rods that were found to be very close to the ls rods. The rods will need minimal machining to fit. The rods would've also been custom if no close match were found but a similar rod was found saving me money. I will be running 10-12 psi and the piston/rod combo should be good for 25+ psi so that won't be an issue after they go in. Need to get a new tune after this and will enjoy it until the next thing breaks, then I will upgrade that too, trans probably? An LSD will also be installed when the new motor goes in, I've had the parts for about a year, just needed to be installed.
I've had the parts for about a year, just needed to be installed.

I thought you almost gave up on this. It definitely has been a year since you told me you thought you threw a rod and had to rip it apart to find out what happened. Glad to see you are working through all this still. You are a brave man.

I would agree that trans is probably next. Might as well start thinking about how interesting its going to be to swap in a manual somehow
Haha heck no, I've put too much money into my ls to not finish what i started. It popped back in November, i just needed to save to dive in to the build. I follow through with my projects, maybe not as quick as everyone hopes sometimes, but I finish what I start. I still have the other ls projects to finish and install, they will all get done for sure. I decided to leave the build to a pro, didn't want to mess up my ls for my first build. The guy who rebuilt marcred's ls is doing mine as well.
what were your boost levels prior to popping the piston? just trying to get a good reference of what it too much with this glass motor

as far as the trans goes, it is a variant of the one they use in the pony, hopefully what they are doing to theirs, is close to the same as what you would need for yours.

might also be a good time to subscribe to and reread the whole axle/halfshaft thread!?! (of course if you haven't already lol)

but at this point, its all a guessing game. few have been as far as you have gone and with building the internals, you might be the pioneer. just gonna have to run it until it breaks and fix the weak links as they come to you!
5.1 psi, 302 whp, about 330 ft-lbs. Yeah I'll start reading that thread again and doing some research on the trans just to be ready and have an idea of what route to take when that day comes. Are you planning on boosting yours?
Several years ago I posted, in the 'Land Speed LS' thread in the HP section, a picture of the custom Ross pistons and one of the GRP aluminium rods I intend to use when I finally get back to working on my car. I just checked and it looks as if that particular set of photos have been deleted although the first set of the car at Maxton are still in place. No one has gone faster in class than we have.

5.1 psi, 302 whp, about 330 ft-lbs. Yeah I'll start reading that thread again and doing some research on the trans just to be ready and have an idea of what route to take when that day comes.

yeah that is kinda crazy, I would have expected that to be in the safe'ish range. oh well, I guess these engines really are made of out of glass

Are you planning on boosting yours?

well, I have been planning on boosting something for years but I really can't decide what I want to do. I had now for awhile a good part of a terminator drivetrain (my cousin wrecked his 03 years ago, got it totaled out, bought it back for next to nothing and gave the drivetrain to me as payment for me wiring up and installing his theater room, and doing a little work on his 6.0 powerstroke) that has been sitting in my cousin's garage for years now, had to sell off a few things I didn't think I was gonna use or to get money for other projects like the rear end and the tremec (really didn't want to part with that, but a buddy needed one badly and paid a premium for it)

now that I have a barn and room to work on long time projects. its going to end up in something. even though they are fun to drive, I really can't stand how cheap SN-95 ponies feel and sound so rebuilding a cobra or making a cobra replica isn't really what I want, and I would probably rather put it into a nice notch fox before that. getting another Mark is kinda at the top of the list as its (I dont give a damn about anything negative anybody on this side has to say about them, so save it for another LS vs Mark bashfest) still a pretty nice car with great features and would be fast as balls with a nice 500 RWHP!

I definitely dont want to invest the kind of money needed to boost a 3.9 for such little gain (not saying it isnt cool as hell, it just wouldn't be enough for me) and I don't really want to have to pay the kind of prices I would have to to go the full custom route, especially when I already have a fairly well built engine all ready. as it sits, the LS is just running to good with few issues for me to go through the trouble of converting the LS from the 3.9 to the 4.6... However, if this ever pops the motor or trans, it will probably get moved right up to the top of the list since its paid for and then I wont mind losing a lot of the features to basically turn it into a more of a streetable track car (kinda like the LSX)

but then again, with the kind of snow we had this year, and moving out into the real country, its making me realize that I now actually need a truck, so I'm always considering a 6.0 or 6.4 powerstroke. a lot of people don't realize how easy it is to make big power in those. hell I wish my LS would run almost a 13 flat like my cousins 07 6.0!. getting beat that badly is just sad when your beat by a 3 ton monster.

originally he was begging me to race his 94 cobra that he still has with the LS...

for money...

with the cobra on a trailer, being pulled by the F250!!! lol
I always thought he was just talking sh!t, but I'm afraid that it would have been a lot closer that I thought it would have!
It seems my post from earlier today did not go through. It said something along the lines of, I think the piston failure in my case had another culprit since QuickLs hit about 350whp on a supercharger, 5 psi was suppose to be on the safe side
I just saw the dyno plot on page 18. The engine was going stupid lean and it probably detonated itself to death. Look at the afr plot on the bottom of the picture. Toward 6000 rpm it's way above 12:1. It looks that they (the tuner) lifted the throttle before the engine reached 6000 rpm. You ran out of fuel - injector or pump or both. I can't seem to recall if you posted the injector or pump flow rates. The intercooler also seems too small. Some of the older turbo cars would run with 10:1 afr from factory, and lose power doing it, in order to keep the combustion cooler. It appears to me that it was a combination of factors - high compression, poor intercooling, high AFRs that lead to the demise. I would advise that a dual wide band AFR gauge be installed as well. I know that eclipses came with 450cc (~42lb)injectors (about 200hp per 4 cylinders) and evos with 560cc injectors (officially 276 hp per 4 cylinders) from the factory. It's not unusuall to see a street driven turbo car with 1600cc or even 2000cc injectors if runnig e85 (awsome fuel for high power turbo cars). Good luck.
That's interesting, I wouldn't know much about that, that's why I had it tuned and didn't do it myself, but if it was that then we'll have to get this stuff adjusted accordingly so it doesn't happen again. I'll look into the wide band gauge, thanks.
It seems my post from earlier today did not go through. It said something along the lines of, I think the piston failure in my case had another culprit since QuickLs hit about 350whp on a supercharger, 5 psi was suppose to be on the safe wiser 4

exactly, i believe he did try it at 7 PSI for a short time but then backed it back down. and he drove the ish out of his car...

also when talking to Rob (ILLS) about his thoughts after he turboed his car back when he was around, thats what he was thinking too, about 5 was the sweet spot (safe) dont know if he ever went higher or not because he ended getting rid of her pretty quick to go big with that G8.

and I dont remember how much power camthman was running when he blew up, but it wasn't that high and he was convinced that his problem wasn't related to the snail, I think it happened during an off boost time.
No big update but it's moving forward. I got my engine pulled last year and dropped it off in May, just got the call today and its done! It took about a 10 months, they didn't tear into until 2 months after I dropped it off because they were super busy with other engines. I didn't bug them too much about it, i would call like once a month to check for updates, I told them I was in no rush, I was way too busy with school this year to do much else and my ls would've only distracted me more so it worked out for the best. I will be picking it up Monday and it will probably sit in my garage for a week until the other shop finishes up some other cars they have so they can install the engine and a few other misc things. In a few weeks, after I sort a few things out, I'll make an apportionment to get the new engine dyno tuned properly, add 10-12+ psi to the mix, report back with numbers, add a video, and hopefully this thread will come to a wrap after what like some 4 years?

I graduate this semester, finally! I want to finish some of my other pending projects over the summer, should be fun
Awesome! Good deal, glad to see you're still plugging along! Are you still using Xcal for tuning??
After I graduated and everyone was like OMG I have no time to work on cars because of school, etc. I'd think that they were lazy. Now that I'm in graduate school, working on FAA certs and have a 40+hr/week job I tooootally get it. I've squeezed in like 5 hours of work over 2 years.
thats awesome Alex, that thing should be freaking awesome once its back together and the boost cranked up!!!

do you have any plans to strengthen up the trans too, or are you gonna wait and see how well it holds up
Got that call, new engine is in, LSD is in, I pick up tomorrow. I haven't driven her in 18 months!
Some pictures from the engine shop from a few weeks ago




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