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  • Hey man, what are those rims in your avatar... I'm a fan of 5 spoke and have been on the hunt for a set of some badass rims?
    Hey andrizzle, ive been a fan of yours for about a yr now but havent been on since november of 2010 lol. but i have the same wing on my 03 ls v8 along with side skirts and rear, just got the lse front bumper cover but short on funds. i dont have any good pics of it but when i get it back from being painted ill make an album. but how much did you get the 06 grille for? And also hoping you could give me a few pointers in the future.
    hey i new to this forums i have a 2002 lincoln ls for 4 years now. i dont drive that much and its always park at my drive way.i just joined this forum 2 weeks ago and watching photos of these ls make me start fixing mine up.i like those head lights of yours.can u plz tell me about them becase i dont know anything about them and i would like to learn so i can install them on my car.thanks
    Hey man what's up? You wasn't affected by those bad storms were you? I see you did your sway bar bushings. Good stuff.
    what size rims are those and size tires ?? im shopping for some and idk if i want to go with 19's and lower or 20's ??
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