Turbo kit thread

Just ran into this one.

Lincoln LS Rear Mount Turbo - YouTube

Its cool to see more people doing work to their ls.
It looks like "Steves Jet powered LS" from the end of ILLS's video on youtube and the new video i posted has steve as the user's name.It was uploaded on youtube sep 30, 2012.

An update on my ls now.

My arm is almost healed from being broken. I will take some videos in few weeks, maybe around 3-4. I also have some minors mods to do to the pcv system and turbo housing, as well as some final tuning adjustments/kinks to be worked out after I finish with the mods and exhaust.

I have been driving for the past 3 weeks now that my bone is healed enough to allow me to drive. It has been going great and its been so much fun.

I did run into a little incident where I flooded everything after the turbo with oil.All the piping, intercooler, engine, cats, exhaust, and my bassani's were flooded with oil. This was a mistake on my part for forgetting that I disconnected the oil pump for the turbo. :Bang

After working on the car and disconnecting the pump, I left my battery cahrging.The next day, I just got in and took off, forgetting about the pump since i was in a hurry. I started driving and gave it a little gas, the turbo just sucked up all the oil and pushed it through the intercooler and into the engine. The car behind me disppeared into a cloud os black smoke.I thought I had blown something, but a day later it hit me that the pump wasn't connected. I was already looking for a new engine, I was pretty bummed out.

After taking all the piping off and washing it, flushing the exhaust, driving it it a little, all is well. This happened a month ago. The car runs great again, no problems so far.

I'll report back here and there as I work on it, but I'm limited working only with one hand for now.
Make sure you go through the system thoroughly, especially the intercooler. Oil loves to find places to hide in there, and it will kill the efficiency of the cooler.
Damn, that musta been scary.

Yeah it was, my heary stopped for a few seconds.

Make sure you go through the system thoroughly, especially the intercooler. Oil loves to find places to hide in there, and it will kill the efficiency of the cooler.

We did. My dad washed everything with gasoline, cleaned it right up.
All is good now. After cleaning everything, "washing" the exhaust, and driving for a little while, most if not all the oil has been burned off. I wouldn't doubt that my exhaust pipes now have a layer of bunred oil caked on there but no more smoke after the exhuast heats up. I've been driving it ever since and no problems.

With school and work, I haven't done much to my ls beside test fit the rear brembo calipers, which I have now made a bracket for out of wood. After I test this one and make sure my measurements are correct, I will make it out of 1/2'' alluminum that i already have sitting in my tool room.

As far as the turbo goes, I just need to find a replacement cold side housing to modify and add the filter to it and a little inlet to give the crankcase vacuum with no boost.
Brett is not making them after all. The kit design and license to sell is being offered to me by Brett so I can make them in the future and sell them, but that is just in the talks seeing as how there is no real interest.

I am one step closer to being able to fully enjoy my ls. A big reason I have not posted a serious video of my ls with the kit on is because I don’t have a filter on it. The turbo sits too close to the bumper so nothing will fit, even the custom filter Brett made with is as small as can be, got compressed once the bumper was installed and it basically shut the turbo inlet close.

I just received the spare cold side turbo housing that I will modify in order to fit a filter on it. I just have to take off my bumper, take housing off the turbo and verify it will fit, then I can begin to modify it off the car without losing my ls while I'm working on it.

I have quite a few pending projects, very little time, so they all get worked on little by little, here and there. I'll post up updates within the next week or two on how the new housing modification is going.
I got my compressor housing welding. Started hammering away and cutting in to the 90 degree bend pipe until this came out in order to be able to run a filter below the housing while sitting so close to the bumper. The kit is pretty much completed now. I can now drive her harder without worrying about destroying the turbo or my engine. So it looks like I will have no more excuses for not getting videos up :biggrin:

It has been painted low gloss black but I was too excited and anxious to finish that I put everything back together along with the bumper and didn't snap pictures of it installed. This was just a test fit without bolting anything down.

The ls had been sitting for 3 weeks while I finished this and was able to meet with the welder. She is up now, driving great and boosting once again.



She will need a good washing asap too, 3 weeks of sitting and a lot of dust later.

no one cares anymore!!!!!!

J/K ....man thats awesome!!! cant wait to see it move!
She was up and running great with the new filter and modified housing. She sounded great! But then a week later something happened, I heard a pop like a pressure hose came off, the some loud and continuous clicks, then smoke came out. Not check engine light or anything though. Checked some stuff around, took the valve covers off to see if there was anything obvious that got damaged. A few of my coils were flooded with oil so I got an atc failsafe after putting them back on. That's why I'm going for accels soon, need new coils that are super expensive.

I had some other expenses so I haven't been able to fund fixing her up yet. I wanted to get new coils, plugs, and the valve cover gaskets to get it running without misfires and just have that clicking noise to narrow it down. I've been told lifters or a rod for the clicking sound. Depending on how extensive the damage is and the cost, I'll either fix it and keep boosting or wait and save up to upgrade the internals while they are in there with the motor torn up, kill two birds with one stone.
You might look at what it would take to install a set of Chevy LS coils. Those coils are rock solid, lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. The ones on my truck have close to 300K miles on them and are showing no signs of failure. It would require a custom valve cover, and perhaps a set of plug wires with rubber caps on them (2000 Corolla has this sort of plug wire, for example) that would plug the spark plug wells. If mine fail again I'm going to look at doing this myself, because then I'd never have to replace another coil again.
Some progress...... I guess I was enjoying that turbo too much. Went and picked this trophy up from the shop.


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