My Car Is HOT!!!!


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Jan 26, 2005
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Spring, Texas, United States
My car is so hot is smoking!! :rolleyes:

No for real, on the way to work this morning, my car caught fire with me in it! My baby is burned. For all intense and purposes, she is gone. :(
As I was driving to work this morning, everything seemed fine. When I made my exit, I noticed that my brakes were spongy. They were almost non existent. I freaked, and pressed hard, and the the car seemed to brake. I made a mental note of what happened, and meant to check it later when I got back home. As I continued to drive, the horn just started blasting. I thought Oh great, now what? Then the car went dead, and I noticed smoke coming out from under the hood, and through the vents. I had enough momentum to coast off the service road and onto a side street. When I got out, and popped the hood, there was a fire around the fuse box area. I don't know what the hell happened. I called 911 and the cops and fire department got there pretty quick. The inside of the car got no damage. Only the motor.















GMAN, I promise, I know the feeling all too well. I know it's burned but it's still kinda fixable, maybe.....I guess not with all the wiring that went with it.

It's hell standing there watching something you have a love for just burn away while you're helpless. If mine had started out like that, I could have gotten it out but what happened with me was a complete different story. Just imagine being inside and the whole front end explodes while your inside your garage.

Main thing is, you weren't hurt. I hate to see that happen to you and glad to see you were at least able to get out before worse things happened. Truly sorry for your loss!
I can't rightly say this had anything to do with the recall. I hardly ever used the cruise control. I've had a bit of time to think about what could have went wrong. Some kind of electrical anomaly. One thing comes to mind is the radio would cut out and restart periodically. I'm at a loss.
Holy crap Greg! I am so sorry to see that! It does appear that the fire started around the fuse box but I am no expert. Did it have the recall done yet?

I am just at a loss for words. :(
It needs to be investigated because it very well could be the cruise control that started the fire. You don't have to be using it for it to catch fire and the way you're describing your brakes kinda sounds like it.
Why didn't you stop when you noticed you had spongy brakes?
i feel sorry for you
now FIX it
and the cruise control is on the right side right behind the susp. compressor
:( Sorry to see the car like that. Good thing your ok though is the important part, though it really sucks having to replace a car as nice as that...
The fire is was only limited to engine compartment. The lights didn't melt, the fenders still are in good shape, only the header panel shows damage. I thought for a bit that I could repair it, but I would put too money into it. At least I still have two more Marks.
That is awful GMAN. I hope this doesn't stop you from attending the beach party this year, we'd love to see you there.
i feel sorry for you
now FIX it
and the cruise control is on the right side right behind the susp. compressor

Yes but there is the deactivation switch. I'm not speaking about the "cruise control" itself.

The SCDS used by Ford Motor Company (Ford) costs about $21. The switch is located under the hood of the vehicle, attached to the brake master cylinder on one end and connected to the cruise control on the other. The cruise control switch is wired through the same electrical circuit used to power the vehicle's brake lights. According to Federal law, the electrical circuit controlling the brake lights must be powered at all times so that the brake lights will function even if the car is turned off. Because the SCDS was wired together with the brake lights, the cruise control switch is powered at all times. This creates the potential for disaster: a continuously-powered switch sitting right next to a reservoir of flammable liquid.
, damn g man, i was thinking a simple solution would be changing thermostat, but then i opened your thread, sorry to see that
wow that sucks bad man. the car doesnt even have to be on and running, the deactivation switch can catch fire in the middle of the night while you are sleeping. but it sounds like a brake line popped or something and maybe shot brake fluid onto the hot motor, obviously the fire was concentrated in the center of the motor, that wouldnt make sense if it was the deactivation switch. that was some hot flame to melt that hood like solder. sucks g-man, find another gen 2 in rough shape with a sound drivetrain and swap all your parts over to it. i wouldnt get rid of that car, i'd take everything off it and put it on another one. sorry to see this happend.
Wow! Thats 2 Marks down in 3 days! Im glad you werent hurt or stranded somewhere....sorry for your loss man. at least you have a lot of salvageable parts on her, undamaged. i hope you can recoup some...

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