'99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

Lincoln Continental

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    Jul 18, 2005
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    Over the course of a 3-4 year period my plans for the Continental are as follows:

    Transmission Upgrade
    * Performance built transmission: from either spprecision, Jasper, or another outlet there are quit a few out there.
    * Luk Schaefler, Sonnax, or Autozones heavy duty Torque Converter.
    * Trans Go shift kit.
    * New trans mount.

    For the transmission work I have to find out for sure if it would be easier to just drop the engine and trans from under the car. If that is the case, I will have the engine resealed by putting all new gaskets and hoses.
    1. New water pump, t-state and water outlet gasket.
    2. New alternator
    3. New o-rings for coolant bypass tube.
    4. All new radiator hoses.
    5. Upper and lower intake gaskets.
    6. Send intake out to get powder coated Ivory Parchment to match the car.
    7. New timing cover gasket set.
    8. New cam cover gasket set.
    9. New spark plug gasket set.
    10. New oil pan gasket.
    11. New oil filter adapter gasket.
    12. New valve stem seals.

    Performance upgrades to the engine include:
    1. Comp Cams Xtreme XE-R Series XE 262 AH-114 #106300
    - Has excellent torque for normally aspirated engines. No Computer modifications necessary. **Noticeable idle. :) It will require new valve springs would need Spring kit # 26123-32
    Top: .943" O.D. 580" I.D.
    Bottom: 1.105" O.D. .742" I.D.

    2. Second choice of cams would be Comp Cams XE-R Series XE 254 BH-116
    -These are an excellent replacement with strong torque. No computer mods necessary. No need for valve spring replacement.

    I may have found an exhaust company to fab me up a custom system. I have to call and confirm this. It would be a stainless steel or aluminum mandrel bent 2.5" pipes with Borla Pro XS mufflers and Borla intercooled tips. I will more than likely keep the resonator on the car for sanity measures.

    Body Work would include:
    * Rust proof inner front fenders.
    * Re-spray both rockers.
    * Touch up and fix a couple chips on door moldings and edges of both drivers and passengers side doors.
    * Cut, weld new metal behind the rear bumper where I had grinded down the rust both sides. Do body work and respray.

    ** I had browsed wheel selections on the internet and found a real nice set which are made by Mach Wheels. They are called ME7. They are Hyper Silver machined face.
    CONFIGURATOR | 2Crave Wheels & Rims They are $112.00 ea. Good reasonable price.

    So as of now that is going to be the journey. I am real excited. A good friend of mine who owns Street Lethal Performance will be doing the build. I'll update to see if the cam shafts would be good or not. I'll update as progress is made. Next spring it will go in to get a new headliner for sure. I've got a couple other things going on that I need full attention to especially this winter.

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