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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    Looks like Ford recognizes that they have really screwed up the Lincoln. Let's...
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    Epic fail

    I went to the local Lincoln dealer this week and while waiting for my car, I walked thru the car lot. He had 2 MKT's sitting there. Both had been marked down $8000 from the sticker. What was more telling, both had state inspection stickers 2/12. They have been sitting on the lot for 8...
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    Epic fail

    I haven't seen an MKT on the road for weeks. In fact when I see one I am intrigued because they are so rare. I agree with Haywood, Lincoln is in serious need of reform or they are history. They seem to have lost their way.
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    Ford Looks to (Finally) Revitalize Lincoln — Is It Enough?

    Lincoln lost me when the got rid of the LS. I could care less about the current models.
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    Saw an MKT I finally saw an MKT, I was on vacation in Hawaii two weeks ago and it passed me on the hwy. First time I had seen one in months.
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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    Another article also gave the statistic that Lincoln had the lowest owner loyalty of all the luxury brands. Around 40%. On a positive note , the CEO of Ford met w/dealers and told them that Ford is making a commitment to rejuvenate the Lincoln brand. If I was the CEO I would fire the...
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    Is Lincoln Still A "Premium" Luxury Division?

    I have to agree w/thaywood. Lincoln really screwed the pooch when they went to FWD. I just read an article that Lincoln sales are down 36% from last year. They are doing terrible. The local L/M dealer just shut his doors in Chesapeake, another Ford dealer took over the Lincoln...
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    I don't think the public is impressed either. I have seen 2 MKT's on the highway in 2 mos.
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    Sold my LS- Bought an MKX

    How do you like the MKX? I almost bought a used one yesterday but decided to wait a little while longer and pay off some bills. I am planning on keeping the LS and let that be my vehicle for a while.
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    MKZ hit and run

    I still wonder why the air bags didn't deploy.
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    MKZ Nav system voted best system by JD Power & Associates

    I believe you have missed my point, sir. Let me reiterate. In my opinion, J.D. Powers is not a valid survey tool. It is mostly used by companies to hype a very select set of criteria which is used in marketing. " Initial Quality" is not as important as long term quality. Which is not...
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    LS evolves even further!!!

    Nice looking car. You did a nice job with it. Doug
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    2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed

    Saw one at the dealer and am not impressed at all with the style.
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    COPS issue?

    I have 100K on my LS and dreading this issue. How much does it cost to make this repair when it shows up.
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    My New 2004 Lincoln LS

    Nice looking ride. I know you will enjoy having this car. BTW, I used to live in North Kingstown. A very nice area. We really enjoyed our time there. Are you familiar with Butternut Drive? Doug
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    Passenger seat broken again!

    The back of the passenger seat is broken again. The hard plastic shell broke the clips again. The first time was under warranty. This time it is going to cost $146. It seems like the body/interior integrity of this car has been the most problematic. Doug
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    Numerous problems w/my 03LS

    Just found that the passenger side seat back now has broken clips and has popped off. Since it now has 93k miles I will probably have to pay for the repairs. Also several mos ago the bracket that held the fuel/status/etc buttons broke again for the 2nd time. Doug
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    MKZ Nav system voted best system by JD Power & Associates

    Just did a search on on used car prices for the 2007 MKZ in my area. The results showed 2 available , prices were 24k for AWD and 19K for fwd. Then did a search on Lexus ES350. 14 cars were available highest price was 33k and the cheapest was 24K. Reread this...
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    Doesn't anyone write about the Zephyr

    Just a bump on this moribund thread..... I still see many more LS vehicles on the road than MKZ's. Doug
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    any here in va

    I'm here in Chesapeake..... Doug