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    For Sale Free lsc trunk lid, lights etc

    Free 97 lsc trunk lid, red with center neon, condition unknown, no ballast, and two tail lights, pick up only before it gets thrown out, no shipping..corona, ca
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    For Sale 97 lsc trunklid and tail light set..all

    Middle light i cant gaurantee...previous owner said it worked its probably is good and had a bad ballast...cant promise that tho
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    For Sale 97 lsc trunklid and tail light set..all

    Red car, i have leftover trunk with middle light and i believe both lft and right tails..$50 picked up for everything, corona, ca
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    Unlocked SCT X3 FS

    It will physically work on any obd II computer, however the strategy codes have to match to use the tune on it, and gen 1 strategy's I believe are different than Gen II, this was used on my 98 mark viii LSC This is pending sale, I will update by tomorrow.
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    Unlocked SCT X3 FS

    They retail $400...this was barely used....I played with it once then returned car back to stock and unlocked it.... It was used with my previous 98 LSC, and has an sct tune on it...Not sure what the strategy on it is unless someone can tell me how to read that....(don't have the car any...
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    LSC tail lights, info display,climate control,heated seat panel more etc fs

    leftover parts for sale...this is all I have... $100 for all three tail light trunk lid...will not ship trunk. Center light in unknown condition...previous owner said it would work sometimes, and sometimes not, so perhaps it had a bad ballast... other interior parts $20 a piece
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    97/98 LSC three piece tails,left/right/center/trunk lid(lid is free)

    Off a RED 97 LSC...the center tail light is missing the lincoln emblem...other than that they're in pretty good shape physically... I don't know if the neon works..I "think" it does...previous owner said that sometimes it would light up, sometimes it wouldn't...I took this as the ballast...
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    complete 4.10 rear, 93 d/s, and modified x pipe for sale

    no I've been's sitting in my garage on the work bench...everything else went locally except the driveshaft I'm not sure how to ship it yet....maybe just wrap it up and send it fedex. I'll call fedex tomorrow
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    complete 4.10 rear, 93 d/s, and modified x pipe for sale

    i'm getting pm interest just for the alum housing with carrier and gears inside...I could prob do $400 shipped for the entire center section, and I'll have to scrap metal the rest of the irs setup here (no one wants it :( ) The install was done at a pro shop and a trak lok unit installed with...
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    complete 4.10 rear, 93 d/s, and modified x pipe for sale

    The gears are the complete irs in entirety...from my friends parted lincoln....I could ship freight...if u only want the center housing with gears ill consider for same price as rest of irshas no value withot center part...let me know what u think
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    complete 4.10 rear, 93 d/s, and modified x pipe for sale

    I've got a complete 4.10 rear, literally complete disc to disc including the subframe...just 4 bolts and your brake lines and it goes right up...from a 97...the 4.10 gears were just installed.... I'll sell the entire rear for $375, the aluminum one piece driveshaft for $100. I've also got a...
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    Fastmarks drift car progress thread

    t5 will bolt right up to a 4.6 if you get an early 92 block with the t5 pattern....or get an adapter made... this should be interesting...mark viii's have too much understeer from the factory...I have yet to be able to slide my rear end out around a corner....I give you props for having the...
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    anyone ever get tired of just being "as fast" as the typical new family sedan?

    genesis really has 314 hp?? Jesus, no wonder I couldn't pull on him. I really don't street race anymore, as that's why I built my 66 mustang, (for the 1/4 mile track) but a little fwy onramp fun at times takes the stress out :) You're all right about what I paid vs what they paid...guess I...
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    anyone ever get tired of just being "as fast" as the typical new family sedan?

    Since I've bought my mark viii, this has been bugging me. Now, I realize I've got an "old" vehicle by today's standards, but christ, 290 HP I'd think should be good enough, lol. I've pulled against many modern "sedans" from a mid 90's accord to a new 4 door hyundai, and in every case, i've...
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    mark viii vs 00' gt sohc

    after spending the past few months with my mark, I can say for certain that my lsc "just" keeps up with every modern 4 door sedan...hell I tied a mid 90's 4 door accord with a fart pipe the other day. These mark's are downright pigs....way to heavy for any useful speed, unfortunately. It's...
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    Lincoln ls v8 or lincoln mark viii lsc

    minivan's are out in popularity...chevy and ford even backed out from making them... you'll understand...look at my user name..I've had it since I was in my teens and I'm 37 now.. when we were at the point where we needed a bigger vehicle, the very first thing we checked out was the durango...
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    Lincoln ls v8 or lincoln mark viii lsc

    btw I love our minivan :)...super low to the ground, seats 8, all seats fold which opens space bigger than the back of a full size pickup truck, it's got 260 hp and is QUICK (i've pissed off unsuspecting ricers all the time)...and the doors open SIDEWAYS, so that my kids don't swing the doors...
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    got my new wheels installed-before and after pics...

    If I can get about $2900, I'll sell it. In the meantime I'll keep improving it. The problem is not the reliable drivetrain that will last until next century, the problem is all the electronics in this car, from day one....and my car is pretty clean and maintained. I've had seat motor issues...
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    Could SeaFoam be the issue???

    It's not the filter...I've been wrenching since I was 16, 22 years ago, and I've changed dozens of fuel filters, and while this isn't the "rule",,,,but in my experience, i've never seen a fuel filter so clogged that it caused the car to stall or even miss...and I just changed my mark viii filter...