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    2000 V8 LS Problems

    I am not dumb. That is the only place I take it, the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Dealership where I purchased it. I call it the shop because I have to say the above so many times, shop is just much easier. I believe I already had the fuel pumps replaced about a year ago but I have so many forms with...
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    2000 V8 LS Problems

    Ok, heres the scoop. I have a 2000 V8 LS with about 70,000 miles on it. It has been giving me problems since I bought it. Damn shame to becuase I love this car. I posted the same problem months ago but never recieve helped and since it died down a little I gave up. Now the car is giving me...
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    Solenoid Pack & Valve Body

    My lincoln is in for a new rear window pully system and they finally had the transmission specialst come in and he told me what I told him from here, I needed a new Solenoid Pack but he said nothing about the Vavle Body. I thought you had to replace both for a good result. I have no coverage so...
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    Alpine Stereo???

    The amp is deep in on the roof of the trunk. You have to stick your head in and rubber neck to see it.
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    2000 Lincoln LS Driver's Side Window Malfunction

    I also am currently having the same problem with my river passanger window. It doesn't stay up anymore. I think the motor may be dead. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.
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    Winsheild Trim Problem

    I don't really have time for that though, or the money becuase they would most likely make me pay.
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    Winsheild Trim Problem

    Last year my car was struck with a pebble and cracked the winshield. It was replaced later on and apparently the installation was very poor. The cocking or whatever black adhesive was not applied nearly enough on the left side of my winshield trim and becuase of that half of it came off and...
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    whats the best way to drag *lol*

    If I ever want to quickly accelorate I put into 1st then 2nd and then 3rd. I don't have SST so I to was wondering about it. I hit 4th at about 90 right before the redline. The problem I have now is that I don't really have a D4. If I put it into D4 it shows up D5 on the message board but during...
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    2000 Lincoln LS V8 Problems

    Thanks for caring, but no nothing yet. Still the same problem.
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    Car turning off at full throttle?

    I am currently having the same problem. I am about to hit 70,000 I am going to check if I have had the fuel pumps replaced. I am almost positive becuase I remember them having to redo it because they put somthing in backwards. It happens when the engine is broke in for the day at a nice...
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    Top Speed

    I've have got up to 133-5 MPH on a short 2 mile highway. I was at about 5000 RPM in 4th and then had to brake becuase I was on the exit and it too was short.
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    Brake light

    So I have to press the panic button to arm it?
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    Car Alarm and Garage Door Opener Settings

    Thanks a lot Quick. My original opener's transmitter is bad because it is low on batteries, so I had to hold it closer. I didn't know that the distance was a factor. That is why it worked a long time ago but not now. Thanks a lot, but what about the alarms system?
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    Car Alarm and Garage Door Opener Settings

    My 2000 LS is fully equiped but since I bought it used I have no manual. I once had the garage door opener set and now it doesn't work. I did the same steps for no response. As for the alarm, I am almost certain in used to work but and I tried everything for arming it but nothing works. Would...
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    Transmission fluid change interval

    Will this liquid change fix hard up and downshifts, or atleast calm them?
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    2000 Lincoln LS V8 Problems

    No, it's not under warranty. The A/C is simply just old and needs replaced. What is this I hear about a transmission recall. It was somthing about replacing or adding in a new liquid that decompressed the bad gear shifts?
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    2000 Lincoln LS V8 Problems

    Yet it still stalls out on me. :( I guess I will have to let them look at it and keep it for 2 weeks and tell me there is no problem when I take it in to get my A/C Replaced. Theres no one here with transmission knowledge that can tell me problems it may be?
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    Heater fan noise

    I have the same exacty problem and I started having it after it was in the shop too. It was in for an oil chage and a tranny inspection. What did they do to your tranny for that recall, because my tranny is all messed up.
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    LS resale value

    Did you smoke him?
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    How do I know?

    I was meaning to ask the same question. I would like to know what type of system I have in mine. I have the 00' model pretty much fully loaded. I don't believe it has the sport package though, considering it only has 16 inch rims, and not SST. But I know I have the Alpine 6 CD changer in the...