Winsheild Trim Problem

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Aug 6, 2004
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Toronto OH, USA
Last year my car was struck with a pebble and cracked the winshield. It was replaced later on and apparently the installation was very poor. The cocking or whatever black adhesive was not applied nearly enough on the left side of my winshield trim and becuase of that half of it came off and whacked 15 times on the top of my car before I could stop to fix it. I tried to put it back and apply pressure but that was only a temporary fix. I later pulled it off so I wouldn't loose it on the highway. My question is, what should I do? There has to be somthing out there I could use to glue it back down without taking it somewhere. Anyone know what is the black adhesive they use, or tips on what I should do. If you don't know what trim I am talking about it is on the outside of the car on the top part of the winshield.

PS: The winsheild is cracked again by a pebble, but I am not going to replace until winter is over with and the roads are clear again.

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