2000 V8 LS Problems

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Aug 6, 2004
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Ok, heres the scoop. I have a 2000 V8 LS with about 70,000 miles on it. It has been giving me problems since I bought it. Damn shame to becuase I love this car. I posted the same problem months ago but never recieve helped and since it died down a little I gave up. Now the car is giving me problems to the point where I can not even drive it and I need help.

The problems I have are these. First off the car randomly stalls out for now purpose in a blink of an eye. As if I blink my eye and it shuts off. Usually happens when I am in park or reverse. When it is in drive is where I have my major problems. Whenever I am driving I can never give the engine more than 30% gas in a somewhat harsh manor or it will look to as if slip into nuetral and hit a brickwall I think you call it and if I do not let off the gas in time it will stall out. I think this is because of the rev limiter if it ever goes above 3 RPM in N it will shut off. I have grown to know when my car is going to do this but when I let another family member drive I put their life in danger becuase you loose all power when this happens. Whenever the engine heats up it tends to do this more and more. Another problem which is linked to this is the transmission itself. It tends to never know what gear it needs to be in and seems to jump around gears. I try to work away around this with shifting them myself but that will just put more wear on the engine because whenever I am in D4 it is back to automatic. It is really bad coming up hills I can not even drive up them. If I do I have to put it in 3 and go 30 up hills I should be doing 55. Not very pleasing when a sports type car is getting passed by slow moving trucks. I have no please driving it anymore just being scare on when the transmission will fall out or the engine will blow on me.

I take it the shop and randomly put in new parts and say "Yeah it will be good as new Mr. Lucas!" Last thing they replaced were the coil packs. I had some of the valve covers replaced and I think that may be a problem. Maybe the others need replaced also? I have no clue I am lost and I probably lost the readers during the first paragraph. If you have read this and have any help for me I would greatly appriciate it. The LS is going in the 7th to give it one more try if it is not fixed with the plan I give them or the plan they give me I am selling the car.
I can't comment on the jumping gear problem, but your "brick wall" and stalling problem sounds like it may be the fuel pump(s).

We fought our 00 LS at 75K miles for a while with the same symptoms. Stalled out of nowhere once or twice, and while driving it would accelerate and then just hit a wall at 3K or so RPM and not accelerate any more, even if you had the gas on the floor. Ease up on the gas pedal and it would upshift and continue on.

My advice would be to purchase a fuel pressure gauge if you don't already have one and hook it up to the schraeder valve and the tape the gauge to the windshield and take the car for a drive. If you are trying to accelerate and the pressure takes a drop, pump time.
I am not dumb. That is the only place I take it, the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Dealership where I purchased it. I call it the shop because I have to say the above so many times, shop is just much easier. I believe I already had the fuel pumps replaced about a year ago but I have so many forms with new parts being put into it I can not keep track. I will have to go through the achrive.

It would make sense becuase whenever I do stall out on the highway I pull off the side of the road and smell straight gasoline. It also takes 2 turns of the ignition before it will start again maybe showing a flooded engine?
Just making some comments. I don't really have any info to help you. After owning a 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 Sport for just over 18 months I can honestly say it is the biggest pain in the ass vehicle I have ever owned. It drives, handles, and looks nice but that is all I can give it. I definitely would nut drive this car on a cross country trip. I don't think it has made it through a 60 day period without needing some sort of maintenance.
1. car would intermttently not start( 3rd day after purchase)
2. three coil packs replaced between 59k and 90k miles
3. leaking moon roof drain
4. leaking valve covers
5. tail lamp assemplies filling with water and blowing brake lamps
6. intermttent seat heaters
7. symptoms of overheating causing temp gauge to spike and car to go into reduced power mode(air bubbles in cooling system)
8. heater not working and temp gauge spiking again(air in cooling system again 7 months later)
9. Car has acted like all 8 cylinder quit at once when pulling onto highway. I let off gas and car sprung back to life. Once it gave me a "check transmission" error. The second time it gave no errors? It hasn't happened in a week or so?
2000 woes....

2000 V8 LS Sport with 70k. We've had it as a lease return at 30k.

I've got the instant power drop-off under heavy acceleration problem as well. When it does grab power again, you can just *hear* the poor tranny taking a beating. I usually do get some kind of Tranny error code that the stealer faithfully reads and then scratches his head.

Also have the intermittent unable to start problem. Hard to get the dealer to look at this one since it doesn't happen in front of them. Same with the moonroof controls that work properly about 1/10 times. Even in the auto open mode it stops short and needs to be jogged back into the fully open position.

I'd sure like to find a solution to those mystery items.

For the record, since taking ownership we have replaced the following (thankfully much done under the 50k warranty), with lots of my time wasted on a car that should just WORK, but doesn't:

Rear wheel bearings failed
Several speakers replaced (wife listens to quiet Celine Dion)
Audio head unit replaced
Headlights replaced
Tailights replaced
Driver seat controls replaced
Heat exchanger leak/replacement
seems to be a common problem.

I test drove one and the exact same thing happened..

it just cut out completely. Like there's some tranny abuse script that cuts off the power when it thinks you're going to hurt the tranny. or a fuel cut off of some sort to keep you from blowing up your car..
I bought my '00 ls in aug '05 as an around town car when i didnt wanna drive the truck, i had it thoroughly checked out etc..

From aug-to feb '06 the car has been driven about 2500 miles total and has had a litany of issues. Overheating, car stalling, mucho gas consumption, loud noises from the engine and muffler, i mean the list goes on.

I paid 8k for it, but ended up paying about 4k extra just to fix the issues, and finally decided to just sell it for 6k a few weeks ago b4 anything else goes wrong on it.

My advice is to get out of that one if possible, they seem to be great cars if you get a good one, but some are just lemons it seems.
There was a recall on 2000 LSs for a fuel hose deteriorating inside the fuel tank, you guys want to make sure that recall is not open on the car.

it really sounds like you are descriving a bad fuel pump. Without feeling or running any diagnostics on the car I cant really help much more. All I can say is take to a dealer and not a regular mechanic, we may be the devil, but we do have the support to fix the vehicles.

Mine is going to the dealer tomorrow. I now get a check transmission message along with a cel and an E in the gear indicator. The car is hanging in low gear too long. I know this one is going to be a big pain in my wallet.
so, what did the dealer say about the problem? mine is doing the exact same thing.:mad:
It looks like a common point in all this mess is they all seem to be 2000 models. I know i have seen people say it before but NEVER buy a car in its first year being produced. That may seem dumb but i have seen more 2000 V8 problems than any other model/year.
It is not limited to 2000 models. My 01 has began doing the same thing. Hard acceleration on the hiway and the tach surgers and the engine shuts down. Cost to the side of the road and restart after a couple trys. My dealer suggests replacing the Crankshaft position sensor, the Cam position sensor and the transmition output shaft sensor. I have replaced the Crank position sensor. Not the answer.
the only problem that ive had with mine is when the outside temp is below 32 degrees, it sounds like the fan is trying to blow like it is an electric fan. i know that it is not. the colder it gets, the more often it happens. during the summer time i have no problem with this at all
Bought my 2000 on Valentine's Day '06 and so far:

1) Replaced drivers door window regulator
2) Replaced a/c hose and refrigerant
3) Coil replacement
4) Passenger seat-warmer stopped working recently
5) 2 blown speakers
6) New all-season tires

Altogether though, I still love my car and barring anything major, I will just keep trying my best to fix stuff myself. As much as I b!tch about stuff that goes wrong, I realize that the next car I get may be even worse, so I deal with it.

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