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    Decision Time

    The tranny can be fixed. The AC is probably a bad fill valve.
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    5R55 Repairs

    Wow. That video is overkill. You just need to replace the servos. There's no reason to sleeve.
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    5R55 Repairs

    I'm not aware of the fix. I used the first revision and I'm going strong after 50k. I do not think the rev issue you're seeing, Joe, is related to the servos. However, this is the internet and there are armies of people willing to tell me I'm wrong. My first thought is the spring in the valve...
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    Transmission problem?

    ^Yep. Been there, done that:
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    Transmission/OD Servo Issue (?)

    This might help:
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    Transmission rebuild price

    Not really:
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    Tranmission Issue

    It's the solenoid.
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    Ball joint change

    Use smaller pics.
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    National LS Meet In St Louis..... I Need To Know Whos Coming.....

    I'm out. :( Too many responsibilities growing in Cincinnati. :)
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    Transmission problems growing

    Whoops. Solenoid only should be close to $1000. The part from a dealer is going to be $400 and another $100 in fluid - $500 is too low.
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    Transmission problems growing

    Here you go: Expect north of $2500 from a dealer.
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    Transmission question

    Do you need a V6 trans?
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    What do we do for a living??

    33 Chemist/Luthier/Director/Politician
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    Money i've spent recently

    Pics or it didn't happen. And I've gotten to be quite good at diagnosing 5r55's over the internet; the friction lines are bullet-proof.
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    Money i've spent recently

    The trans did not need to be replaced and the problems that you had with your original will return with this one. Only the solenoid problem was fixed; a $300 part. The servos and spring are just as weak as they ever were.
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    Money i've spent recently

    You got hosed on the tranny. Everything else is routine.
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    LS COPs 5 good 2 not-so-good and 1 unknown

    Anyone in need of used factory cops for 3.9? $20 gets them shipped to you. PM me.
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    5R55 Repairs

    You'll need some frinkin' huge extensions. That's about it. I eyeballed the .030". You're creating a seating channel for the viton rings to sit on the pistons. I could do this job in about four hours now; with no complications. You should plan a full weekend. The exhaust will cause problems.
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    5R55 Repairs

    1. That's a countersink bit. You want .030" relief and you want something in the 80° range. 2. I would hate to hear of any man dropping his balls. Good luck doing it in the car; it's well worth the removal. Your clutch spring will fall out and also the rubber valve on top of it. It's in one of...
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    Lincoln LS Problems

    Get the coils from Max at Chapman Ford. Or get the cheap set and then get the parts from Max.