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    Transmission Question

    Hey guys, i could not helped so ill put my two cents into this conversation , my 93 mark shifted horrible so i did a j mod my self and i was very satisfied, level 3 and it did shifted beautifull, but couple sumers ago i went to see Geno and he took me out for a ride in his beast, he had bm shift...
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    These cars Neutral drop gooood!

    da how do you spell stuPID...
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    Female in need of some help please!!!

    maybe this is why we don`t have many females here oh well...... life goes on.
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    Exhaust questions

    You need to call Geno this one was one of his first exhaust complete and installed by him if im correct. the stuff his got now is much nicer lol.
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    Exhaust questions

    i can answer that .just parts and its worth it. this is what im gonna install on mine hopefuly soon.
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    What Spark plugs are you using?

    Well this is good to know, i have them on my f150 and it runs very smooth and it seems to have a bit more power but i am wondering how they would work on my mark .
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    Thought you guys might get a kick outta this...

    thats one ugly camashhhroginy a joke :repost:
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    Philadelphia area

    whats a mk8 turd lets see it?
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    I know its a Chevy...

    so what if is a chevy it sounds good thanks for sharring lol.
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    Exhaust questions

    well if you want loud go either with 1 x pipe or the magnaflow 2 in and 2 out no mufflers but the bad thing about the magnaflow is that if your car is lower like mine you could bottom out so the x pipE is the way TWO GO and it looks cleaner and you have the option off adding mufflers two it...
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    anyone have an irs housing that i can buy off of them?

    well i got one pm me an offer and ill think about its just the housing and cover.
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    need help picking a "fun" car

    Well how about sc thunderbird 5spd keep it in the family they are fun and you can get one with that kind of money lol.
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    New baby.

    WOW man just one more to the list congrats and god bless..
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    93 turbo mark run

    vey impressive .
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    Need help with UCA asap

    they are a real pita been there lol.
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    Will somebody please show this woman how to dress!

    no she didnt discusting.......
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    idea tbird mark

    people must be out of there minds or bore to death to even come out with ideas like this i have own 2 t birds 3 stangs and 1 mark eight and never wanted to change any of them is like cloning wtf people just my 0.2 cents thank you.
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    1st gen LSE parts

    ill send you a pm
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    hey marvin look what i found.

    thats so sad to see that sure is worth fixing.