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    Saying Goodbye / Paying it forward

    its a preproduction prototype. It's really only the part under arm rest that extends to the cupholders. It's black though.
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    Saying Goodbye / Paying it forward

    Sadly the LS is gone. She was a great car and I will miss her, but it was her time to go. Needed to upgrade to accommodate housing change and more importantly the wife's wishes. The woman who bought her got a helluva deal for how good of condition she was in. I couldn't have made it this...
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    Spray Dye Leather Interior

    Wow, turned out really good. I've done this with vinyl dye as a temp solution in my mustang and it definitely didn't look this good
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    03cobra added to my ls family..:)

    Wow! Nice ride.
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    Outer Tie Rod Replacement help

    did you back off the nut that holds the tie rod in place? If you did, my only advice is to get a pair of vice grips, clamp the hell out of it, and brace those against another suspension piece or the body
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    Reccomend me a Mustang forum

    Thanks for the help, never heard of this Google before. Do they specialize in mustang forums? I was hoping for someone to chime in with good experiences they've had with a particular forum. Especially where the people arn't snobbish.
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    Reccomend me a Mustang forum

    Hey guys. I've been looking around for a good mustang forum and don't know where to start. I've come to appreciate this forum for being so laid back yet extremely knowledgable when the time comes, and would like to find a similar one for the venerable pony car. Just for information, mine is a...
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    I'd love to see a write up for this. Ive been tinkering with a fiberglass one but its a pita. Did you heat bend that or what? Dimensions? It looks very clean.
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    Lincoln ls "best picture"

    I like this pic but... either the legs gotta go, or they need to be some from the fine female form
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    Rear Toe Link / Tie Rod / Lateral Bar, options other then ford?

    Am I the only one who cannot find them on rock auto? Even searching for JA-L607 turns up nothing. Guess i'll have to order from one of the other distributors listed. Just thought it was weird.
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    Speaker Problem

    Mine had the same problem when i bought it. Just bought a new head unit on eBay and haven't had a problem since.
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    Free mods?

    I would say paint lower grille, but yours is already black...
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    Drone noise, hub assembly.

    yeah, sounds like one of your calipers is binding.
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    O2 Sensor

    shouldn't be too difficult. Jack the car up and look for the sensor along the drivers exhaust. I ended up having to cut my old one off to get a socket on it but it wasn't a big deal.
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    FINALLY... new sub.

    Hard to build anything decent for $150 that includes sub, amp, and box. Ive got other hobbies and projects that are consuming my cash. Plus I'm not a bass junkie or aficionado like some on here.