A-Pillar Guage Pod Install in the Lincoln LS

By Quik LS, Jul 13, 2017 | |
  1. Quik LS
    By LVC Member Quik LS

    I finally installed my A-Pillar and gauges last weekend.

    I installed AutoMeter C2 Fuel Pressure and Air/Ratio gauges - can't have my NOS Pressure gauge or I do not pass tech inspection for my ESP class.

    Here's some pics:

    gauges close-up.JPG

    gauges far away.JPG

    a-pillar from outside.JPG

    I tapped the fuel line between the valve and the fuel rail - nothing special.

    I tapped the heated O2 sensor signal off pin28 of the middle PCM connector - pic below:

    pcm connector.JPG

    I then ran the wires from the pressure sensor and PCM tap through the PCM rubber seal in the firewall and the behind the dash (through a conduit) to the a-pillar.

    I tapped the ground and dash lights off my white gauge face leads, tapped a 12v switched source from a lead in the steering column.

    It was difficult getting the PCM out - pull the glove box out to get the rear bracing off - pull of the AC filter and ducting to get at the PCM connector.

    a-pillar inside.JPG


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