Installing Brake Rotor Vents on the Lincoln LS

By Quik LS, Jul 13, 2017 | |
  1. Quik LS
    By: QuickLS


    I added some brake ducts to my LS - intakes from the lower front grill - through tubing - into the wheel spindles. This should help cool your brake rotors for better braking performance.

    Here's what I used:
    • Black NASCAR Race Car NACA vents - I found these on eBay

    Part Pre-Assemble.JPG

    First - get to the brake rotors and then get them off:

    Rotor Pic.JPG

    Then trim the spindle duct to fit.
    Next cut a hole through the guard so the air flows through the spindle onto the Rotor.

    Disc Duct.JPG

    Then attach the hose, clamp it on to the spindle duct, the clamp it in spots to the arm - you'll need to test the proper slack in the hose by moving the steering wheel fully left-and-right to make sure there is just enough to reach.

    Then cut a hole in the plastic shroud just to the left and right of the radiator - place the vents just behind the grill and through the hole - attach the duct hose.


    The finished product:



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