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  • Yo ... Help a brother out i have an 01 ls. And a eaton m90. I can weld the intake myself dish the pistons and flash the ecu and should work ? Many questions .i signed up here cause ive seen all your projects on the forums and I figure if it will work youll know how to get it done thank you for your time
    Please send me any known plans when it comes to tackling this beast of a wonderful machine !!! Thank you ..aka shade tree..side of the road...in a garage....anywhere mechanic NOW
    Hey Lou,

    Thanks for taking the time to visit yesterday at the Home Depot.

    Your car is really interesting!

    best regards,
    - dan
    Both Lincoln dealers went under - so now the big Covert Ford is also a Lincoln dealer. I have never taken my car to a dealer for service - so I can't speak to that, but I have bought both my wife's cars from them.
    Hi Quik,

    I had posted earlier today regarding a recommendation for a mechanic in Austin (air conditioning system leak) and someone had referred me to you as a great Austin resource.

    Do you have any thoughts for someone who as worked on LSs before and would do a repair like this? I just moved here from Canada last week, so still trying to get a feel for the city.

    Thanks in advance!

    i wanted to see if you could help me out with my sct programmer that i bought a couple days ago
    not that much... I highlite it in a pic in the tech tip - they are expensive so it may not be the best money spent.
    Hey Quik... I have a quick question.. The paddle shift installation you did on your car, is it possible on my 03 Lincoln?
    Hey quik someone informed me i should ask you about a turbo and custom fitting it to my 02 V6.. if you can help me, could you message me back
    we never fitted to a Gen2 - there are a few minor differences:
    - no hydralic fan pump, water pump pulley is smaller - boith affect the lenght of the belt
    - throttle-by-wire - so either need to make an adapter to fit the stock one or ...
    - different stockinjectors - not that that matters
    - tuning for the VVT

    so - most of it should bolt on - then deal with the differences...
    Hello Quik,
    I'm new to this forum, your post have been very helpful and i was wondering if your kit would fit on a 2005 LS V8?
    the kit is for 'stage one' - adding all the extra bits is what you add over time - and $don'taskhowmuch$
    is there a cheaper way to do it can i do it in stages like you and still drive it while doing little by little?
    no - not mine, but I am a member. My LS has 'all' the extras - and has been my daily driver for years.
    hey quik im looking to supercharge my 02lse I was hoping you could help me. where did you get the manifold? how has the car been since you charged it?
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