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  • Rollin I came in town north county, for thanksgiving checkin to see if you had time for a beer. It would be cool to see your LS,,

    I know it's last min just checking
    Hey man thx for posting my pics the 3rd pic the side shot in the rain I think is the best pic or
    Makin a junkyard visit anytime soon? Ford dealership said the black plastic pushpins for the shroud over the AC filter are "unavailable"...
    Hey rollin, if you could find me a gen2 shifter surround (long silver piece) I would be eternally greatfull..
    Hey, thanks for the info on the body kit. How much would you want for those damaged skirts?

    - Tanner
    Hey Rollin, im currently getting a razzi kit painted. Do i need to remove the rocker panels when installing it? Would appreciate some info. Thanks
    i'm right around there. I live in south county on telegraph. I'm always at ronnies. I'm gonna have to start looking out for you.
    and yeah, definitely. i'd be down for that.
    where exactly is that buffalo wild wings?
    well that's awesome. i actually live right over the JB Bridge (if you know where that is) so we're not too far. Funny i've never seen you cruising around. you in STL a lot?
    and i've got a maroon red LS too. funny how that works.
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