What did you do to your LS today?

Finished the engine cover. I found that taping off the logos was really tough to get the smooth edges I wanted, so I took a different tact. First I taped off the logo and V8 to get them close, not going all the way to the edges of the raised areas. Then I shot it with 3 coats of flat. I then took the tape off and shot the whole thing with two more coats of flat. I then used 500 grit to sand the paint off of the logos and get the edges nice and clean. It then went over the logo and V8 with 4 ought steel wool and sharpened the edges even more. I finished off the whole thing with 3 coats of clear.

The first pic is prior to shooting the clear. The second is the finished product after the clear.


Living in BC we get tons of Black Bears around my house, Yogi bear must have wanted to take a look at my LS because he ripped my car cover off my car and snapped my mirror right in half. Choked but now I can buy folding mirrors.

Kgrrrrr ... Breaker Breaker 19, we got a West Bound Beer attempting to ride a Lincoln.

Sorry for your luck, hopefully he did not get claw marks on it anywhere. Mirrors can be replaced.
Kgrrrrr ... Breaker Breaker 19, we got a West Bound Beer attempting to ride a Lincoln.

Sorry for your luck, hopefully, he did not get claw marks on it anywhere. Mirrors can be replaced.

Thanks bro lol

No scratches from what I can see lol. my mirror was only on with one bolt and lots of silicone so I'm kind of happy it happened now I can buy some folding mirrors off my buddy.
Kgrrrrr ... Breaker Breaker 19, we got a West Bound Beer attempting to ride a Lincoln.

I leaned up against a friends blazer and broke its mirror off once.

beer was also to blame for that one too...
How'd the water get in? How'd you fix it?
When i bought the car i did a major detail on it ans removed the trunk lid seal not knowing there is sealant on the curves corners on the top so it was filling up and slowly pouring into my trunk. I removed the rubber seal cleaned it up and put a bunch of marine grade silicone and held my hose the back window for a hour and not a drop of water seeped in side the trunk.
I ended up changing my lower contol arm today which was pretty quick and the sway bar link.
Changed both rear Lower Control Arms (Found them on Amazon ~ New original Ford parts) to get rid of that TMC squeak. Then I used the SCT X4 to get rid of the blasted Speed limiter. Now I just need to replace my rear driver window regulator...

It wasn't on the short list before, but it is now. That thing was pretty wiggly, although the boot still looked intact. I plan on doing the upper control arms first, but after I fix a coil that blew yesterday.
Bought a Motorola Roadster 2 for the convenience of connecting my phone via Bluetooth. Now I can listen to Sirius and talk hands free while utilizing the LS speakers.

Oil change M1 5W20
Confirmed rear suspension squeak is LCA bushings.
I've had my '02 simply setting for several months now. It has 160K hard miles on it, all put on by me since I bought it new. But after the death of my Father-In-Law, who lived with us, my wife wanted to 'downsize' and all my garage stuff went into storage. Everything I did was done in the parking lot of this apartment. PIA. Because of the hassle involved, I tended to put off work, with the necessary parts piled at one end of my desk in boxes.

Several years ago, on a Saturday, just before going racing, I had to replace the alternator. The only source was Autozone---and you know the rest. The one in it is, now, unless I've lost count, the fifth. Lifetime warranty simply means that you get good at changing them without being further out-of-pocket. The last time I drove the car, the alternator packed up five or six miles from home and it came home on a roll-back. I've let it set since then; moving it simply by giving the battery a charge so I can put it in a different place in the parking lot.

Day before yesterday, we charged it up one more time, put it on the trailer, and I moved it to a better storage place. I probably won't ever use it as a daily driver again. I may do the electronics by focusing on engine management and worry about the rest of the !@#$#@! controls afterward. It's not a massive job to re-do the wiring to control everything necessary separately. I can add another gauge/switch panel to the roll-cage overhead for the necessary items.

And maybe none of this will come about because right now I'm fighting side effects from a new bunch of prescribed medication. We'll see!


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