RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

Anyone who is coming please becareful driving... there is some snow falling ... and again thank you for your kind words and prayers... it is a great comfort knowing that there are so many thinking of ray and his family ..

Thank you again

My condolences to Ray's friends and family. I didn't know Ray (I wasn't on-line a lot) but from the reactions from the members of LVC it is clear to me that Ray was more than another member...he was family. I've read many posts written by Ray in the forums and he seemed to be a well respected person on LVC. I hope I will be able to hear and learn more about him, because I'm sure a lot of you have some great memories to share.
I wish that i could be there but i will not be able to make it. To those traveling to the funeral have safe travels, I did sign the guest book.
just got home from work, gonna eat, run through LVC, and go to bed. were plannin on hitting the road around 2am cuz uhhhh yeah we are driving through the entire storm. i looked at a weather map online at work and it spans all of IL, IN, OH, and PA so yup that covers every state i gotta drive through......but if i gotta go 4 miles a hour ill still be there
Just got back and just wanted to let u guys know that th flowers are beautiful... tytytytyty sooooo much
So far, from what I can tell it is the chickens n me from LVC able to go. I know the weather is trash, I know the timing sucks, I know nobody likes these things, but if anyone else can make it please come, this isn't just a internet car club, LVC is a family, for us, being with each other when the times aren't so much fun, is just as important as sharing the fun times. If your hitting the road, drive safe and see you there.

Getting ready to leave in an hour, I will check back and if you are coming we can keep in touch via cellie while on the road. PM me if you would like to.

God Bless

While thinking about my good friend Ray I took a trip back in time.

For those who would like to know Ray a little more....

Click for Ray Threads

Ray I miss ya good friend....

Leave Ray a post on his largest post day Feb 2, 2005...

Remember Ray.. and be a Post Whore.... One post per thread would put you on the right path..
rays gone

OMG i just talk to him about 2 weeks ago im stunted like i lost my family i mean hes been a great insperation to me and everything i have done to my car WOW lost for words erica if u need anything let me and the LVC familia know ok
I have heard from MsM8tress and her and the Chickens made it safely to Pittsburgh for the funeral so LVC is well represented.
I am so bummed right now.................

This si the first that I have been able to get online in the past few days. The Ice storm has all of my services out, electric, and internet. And to top it all off, I have a bad case of the Flu and Pneumonia. I got very sick just after the chat session over the weekend, and have been in bed ever since. I really wanted to be there to send off my friend. I am only 5 hours away. If I could be there, I would. I just don't think that it would be wise to show up and make others sick. Erica, my heart is heavy for you. I really wish that more LVC members could make Ray's send off. He really is the best of the best. During one of my drugged up stupors I had a vision. I know why God called Ray home. With the way that things are going in this world especially with the young people, and all of the young people that we have lost during the Middle Eastern conflicts, God decided that he needed to welcome them all home with a sporting ride. No chariots, or golden steeds. He called Ray home because he is now sporting around in a Lincoln. And you can bet your ass that it is a lowered Lincoln. And you can bet your ass even more so that it was lowered with a Ray kit. And who better to install it then the man himself. You got it, God is now meeting the new arrivals in a stretched, lowered Mark VIII chauffeured by no other than Raymond Joseph Urso II. And running escort on a screaming Busa is none other than Jibit. That's right, Ray and Dave sporting the big man around in style.

RIP brothers Ray and Dave. And our hearts go out to Erica and Krys. One thing that the both of you have proven once and for all is that the good do die young.
Wow, this was a shock.

Ray was a great guy from every helpful post he made and everything else he contributed to the community. I haven't been around long and haven't done much with my car and was having some issues. I figured who better to ask then Ray, shot him a pm and got every question I need answered and he gave me his number to call him if I got hung up on anything, talk about a great guy!

He will be missed... RIP Ray
Sorry to hear that we all lost a great friend to lvc,may he rest in peace.This is the worse news to come back to after not being able to chat on lvc for some time due to being swamped at work.So sad to hear
Rays not gone, neither is Dave.... today, for me, was abundant proof that they are both alive and thriving in all of us, (I will let the drillers eleborate in another thread). Seeing Ray off, the other events of this day, (and for it to be Valentines day), will forever remind me of what Ray and Dave helped start, and brought to LVC, ..... any and all type of help they could provide, caring, friendship, and just being there when someone being there was most needed too.

BufTP - I love the way you think. Prayers that you are feeling better hun!

Luv You Guys,
Very shocked to hear the news. My prayers go out to his family. Two good people from this board die way to soon in less then a year..

I am so crushed and saddened to learn about this. Are there any pictures of the car processional to the cemetary? I'm so sorry Erica for your loss. Did the autopsy give any answers. This is so sad and horrible!
I'm saddened to learn of this. I've greatly enjoyed reading Ray's posts all these years. He will be greatly missed, and he will never be forgotten. God, please comfort and bless his loved ones at this time.
I didn't know Ray at all but can only say you would be doing him a service to remember him often, especially on here and at club events etc. One does not want to be forgotten.

It is great to see all the support shown here, hats off to you all.
I apologize to y'all for the very late post on this folks...
Was stunned to read of Ray Urso's passing!!!

Met Ray at Carlisle show in 2005... Had spoken lots of times. Brent Ray and I hung most of that Saturday in Carlisle. I had a part I never installed on my Gen II MKVIII and Ray was right there saying; Lets get her done bro... The spirit of kindness flowed through him and what a wonderful person to be around. Glad to
have shared his company and a few laughs that day...

Condolences can never assuage the grief felt by loved ones; hopefully his legacy of wonderful memories endure forever in your hearts and minds.

There are not many people you meet only twice and yet are impacted by word of their passing. May God Bless you all! RIP Ray!!! Put in a good word for us all...
JC James (JAMLER) Campbell (Somerset, NJ)
Very shocked to hear the news. i've talk to ray he give me some great deals on parts! great person! My prayers go out to his family.

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