RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

one more thing... his dad would like to maybe have an idea of a number of people from this site that might be coming..if possible...
Erica and family,:confused:
I have spoke to Ray a few times I am shocked!!
He has helped me a few years ago with my Mark I wanted to Lower it. He thought I bought one of his lowering kits, but I just wanted to sensor lower it.
I have read many of Rays posts. One of the valuable people about MarkVIII's
He will be missed I am so sad !!

My condolences. Having a few conversations with Ray, I know him to have been a man of great integrity.

Ray was a great guy, I spoke with him on several occasions on the phone to run some ideas by him about the air ride system. He was very knowledgeable about our cars and a great reference when anybody had a question. He was always willing to lend a helping hand. I only wish I would have gotten the chance to meet him. He will be greatly missed, he was a pioneer is his own way.

With all that said, did Ray ever share his plans for the Ray switch kit with anyone? I placed my order with him back in November, I had spoke with him about a month ago and he said that he was away with work and hadn't had time to finish putting it together yet. I'm not even worried about the money, they need it worse than me at this point. I can only hope that he shared the plans with someone else and that they might be able to build these kits.
If I can find mine, I'd be happy to donate it to you. Never used it. Brand new. My black Mark has the Ray kit and I'm not gonna put it in the white car anyway.

I know Ray would have never wanted a guy to not get his kit once it was promised.

Send me a PM and I'll follow up.
Wow what a Loss, Ray was this place ! It will not ever be the same

if there is a link to a online guestbook , please someone post.

I have my 2nd Ray's switch kit in my garage (I've been lagging getting it in my wifes car) Now I know I have to get it in,
RAY would have wanted that Lincoln Sitting on the ground.
Nominate for Showoff

** RIP 1WykdMk8 **
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wow, its going to be diferent around here...I'm a Christian,and will be asking prayers for Ray's family in my church. Praying for you erica and the family also.

Ray's my ace in the pocket...always made time and was there for me wether it was about cars, LVC, or just life....I feel lost.

Erika, deepest condolences, please tell his mom and dad that I send love and many prayers. As isaiah3g, I too am a Christian, and many here know how much he means to me, to us, and they are praying for you all also.

Deepest Sympathy, love and prayers.
Hey guys just want to say thanks for allur thoughts... still no word.. we should have some info tomorrow sometime when the state of Cali decides to open
Had a lot of time to think of Ray this weekend. Got hit by the flue on Saturday morning couldn't even go to my daughter's track meet. Wow this was a long bug. It's still hitting me. Head, Stomach, and Lungs.

I'm not sure if I can make the funeral as I'm sure school will not let me off for the time. I had to pull tooth and nail to get off for Dave's funeral. But I'd sure love to be there.

Ray had recently sent me an air intake tube that he trimmed and polished for me. I had not gotten around to post any pick as I was waiting to finish a few projects first.

Damn I hating these things...
Well... California decided to open up ... Ray is coming home on a flight around 10 am cali time.. so here is the times and days...

Hershberger-Stover Inc. Funeral Home
170 Noble Ave
Crafton, Pa

Tue 7-9
Wed 2-4 7-9
Thurs a memorial service at 11 then to the cemetry The National Cemetary of the Alleghenies ...

Any memorial contribtions may be made to the American Diabetes Assoc.
300 Penn Center Blvd
Suite 602
Pittsburgh, Pa 15235

Thank you for all your support and thoughts...

If it were next week I would love to go, I have spoke with Ray many of times, on the phone and e-mail. He was always helpful.

When I first got my mark he so helpful with all the newbie problems with installing "his" switch to getting my trans problem fixed. I would have loved to have met him and thank him in person for all his help.

R.I.P. Ray my prayers are with you.

P.S. where can we send cards?
Hi Erkia, thanks for the info, I hate to ask this but the 11:00 memorial service, will there be viewing also? Reason being, I want to go to the viewing also, so if there is not, I will need to stay the night (wed-thurs).

I wish I were able to make it, but I can't get away from work on such short notice and I really don't have the money at this time. Ray was a great guy and had some nice cars. Hopefully, the barney mobile will stay with the family and continue to shine. I'm sure there are many of us that would love to see it at any future shows that it could make it to.

Ray is already greatly missed but will continue to live on here at LVC. His posts have answered so many questions for myself and others. He was a great asset to everyone at LVC and will be greatly missed.

God bless you Ray, our prayers are with your family!
there is no viewing before the service before the service on thurs... ty for coming out
Thanks hun, would you tell his parents I'll be there wednesday and thursday. Tux is in the shop right now getting a new alt. to make the trip.

thanks, prayers with ya,
My deepest condolences to Ray's friends and family......... Such a shame to lose another LVC member.. He will be missed by ALL:( :(
I always enjoyed reading ray's posts and his sense of humor. I didn't know him very well, but when something like this happens it really shows how much he was loved by the community.

God Bless.
we will be up for the second viewing on wed and the service on thurs. sadly i wont be driving the markviii out, it looks like im gonna be following a snow storm all the way out were supposed to get 4"-8" tonight and im leaving early wed morning. not to mention the mark needs a little work and with summer tires it aint happening. but if its ok ill follow the back of the LVC procession rockin' the only explorer with a lvc sticker on it

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