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  • Hello. My aplogies for the late reply. Yeah, I got a 93. I posted the link in my reply to to in the thread. It's nothing to look at. A project car but for now my daily driver.

    Nice to meet you also.

    have to stop living in the past. still dealing with chest down paralysis after a lifetime of dominance. was insulted and antagonized by some twit in my building i grabbed by the neck one day for being in the laundry room in his underwear and keeping my girl from getting out.foundout he was moving out that day. punk.
    i used to be thegr81 but i went away for awhile and someone stole it so i became the1andonlygr81. will send updated pics when i start back in gym. heres one of me in my last underground figh
    dang!!!! I am just now getting this!!! I suck at keeping up here is my cell 614-560-6244 call me anytime girl!! Just got back from the meet in Boscobel - we had a blast!!!
    Hey ! I'm Stayci. We haven't talked for a while I changed my LVC name from StaysV8 to
    ShortCircutLS. You should email me some time MulchGirl@yahoo.com
    well well well! doing great here - Glad to hear you still got her!!!!! I will be by soon! Was afraid to stop too often, didn't want you to think I was a kook! lol! Great to hear from you, prayers your doing ok!! I am going to carlise next weekend but will try to stop by soon!!!!!!! Feel free to email me anytime at losintnow@aol.com!!!
    How have you been. This is Ringo who lives on Birchview Dr. So. in Reynoldsburg. You used to stop by and we would look/ discuss vehicles. I own the black 1969 Mark lll. You should stop by again and see what she looks like restored and painted. I intend to see it now that I have been very ill and will soon have to completely stop driving.

    See you again

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