Mike's one size fits all C-head and steering related questions for noobs.

i know this is a bump and all, but driller, what headers do you have on there? I was looking at a pair of sanderson headers, would those work on the mark, and is the rag steering the only thing really keeping people from going with different header?
Allright Update number eleventy billion.

The car is now C-head powered, 3650 shifted, 4.10 geared, hub swapped and cobra braked.

Here are the pics.

It is an 03 Maruader longblock, 04 Mach 1 intake, and edelbrock billet fuel rails. Running -6 line front to back and is geting a dual 190 LPH pump setup in the next couple of months to support the eaton at 9-10 LBS. After all this is done, it goes in for a quickie paint job.

I want to thank Dad, My buddy Dave (for the use of the garage space and the help with the tedious stuff.) Kyle (screw-Rice, for commin down to help.), and Jeb for listening to me jabber about buying a c head engine for all those years and not killing me out of boredom. (and for the wheels as well).


If you have any questions.................ask.





















looks real nice... how are you going to fit the blower under the hood? getting a cobra R?
steering joint

check with DLF he makes them. oops should have gone to page two.
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looks real nice... how are you going to fit the blower under the hood? getting a cobra R?

Nope..... I'm going to do a custom cowl induction hood that is as low as possible. I've had one of the R hoods and don't care for them much.

Well since we are on a new page with no pics..... If you are just checking in there are pics of my new engine install at the bottom of page 2.

94m5, if you are selling... What would you want for the COP valve covers? and if you have the marauder wiring harness that you arent going to use, how about the peice of the harness that runs under the coil cover?
Hey Dan...

I don't have any spare parts from the new or old engine. I did nt crack the marauder engine apart, and my old cop setup is on my buddy daves car.

Stock tune runs the car just fine. Hell we drove over 100 miles roundtrip to Denver and was issue free...that C headed motor wraps up the rpms a lot faster too.
I'm wondering what this engine would feel like with a 125 shot on it.....

Got the new fuel pumpS installed last night, so bring on the increased oxygen.
Sorry to bring back an old thread, but does anyone know if DLF is still making these joints "ready to install". Mine seems to have excessive play, and I get a rattling which I believe is coming from the original rag joint. I've replaced the entire front end (control arms, bushings, tie rods etc.) and the rattle is still there.
I have them in stock, I can ship it when I return on Tuesday.

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