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  • Hey,

    I am new on here and I read through a few of the threads on here from when you were getting your engine put in your car. I saw somewhere that someone helped you get a free repair manual for your car on here. I have a 97 lsc that I just got and I am putting an engine in it. I really need to get a repair manual and would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out! I have had six marks but this is my first time changing the engine in one and it is my first Gen2 Mark! Well thanks anyways whether you can or cant help me get one.

    thanks again,
    Hi Brandan, I am parting a 97 Mark with a 3:73 gears Trac Loc and a 93 one piece Al. drive shaft. Previous owner said it worked fine. It,s on Craigs list under auto parts, parting. in Fayetteville N.C. I was asking 40 for the shaft. If we lived in the same area.
    Hello, my name is Brandan my screen name is frost.. i was looking for a few parts because i just picked up a 1998. im in need of both outer left and right parts on the taillights and a passenger side head light. i have chrome trim.. id also be interested in a drivers side headlight if it is clear, a new grille, and i have the light gray interior and would like a new center counsel with working cup holders. I sincerely thank you for any help in this matter and am looking forward to hearing from you
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