Mike's one size fits all C-head and steering related questions for noobs.


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Oct 22, 2004
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Colorado Springs, CO
Hey guys.

I need to purchase a new steering joint for the 94'. Who makes an after market NON-Rubber flex joint? I would like one of the stainless u-joint units. I just don't know where to get em'.
I think it is 3/4-36 spline, you had better check with them though as I am going by memory of the splines (and it's going to mush).
Interesting I noticed mine was all cracked. I might have to look at this.
I just replaced all the tie rods and steering rack.

I STILL have a "wandering" feeling from the steering wheel. If the car is shut off and I go to turn the wheel in either direction, I can feel the slop in the rag joint.

it's goin bye bye.

Good Call, mine is doing the same thing, I have alot of slop, some slignment shop said its in the rack but I didnt belive them.
I will be doing this to my car too, more to fit the Cobra manifolds, but the tighter steering is a bonus!
Not yet.

I called flaming river, but they have no idea what I need.

I'm waiting for an e-mail back from someone else who should know.

Do you know the Spline count? I might be able to help you out. I have a few sources.
Give Jamie a call, he probably has one laying around he could sell you or adleast confirm size.
Tommy said one side is a D and the other side might be a 36 spline
Tommy said one side is a D and the other side might be a 36 spline

that is what I remember..
the top side is a unique shape like "D" shaped, the bottom end going to the rack should have 36ish splines with an enlarged spline/keyway/alignment area.
Any news? I can set up a GB from flaming River is there is enough interest.
no news.

I hav'nt been able to get under the car recently.

I am definatly in. I just don't know which one we need.

Would the Gen2 FSM be of help? do we know if Gen1 is the same as Gen2? if need be I'll pull mine out and measure.
Les at Flaming River said its the DD3/4 36spine 3/4 just like the mustangs
Part number: FR-2515-DD
No group buy possible.
Billet with nickel finish $74.90
Stainless $86.90

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