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  • Michael is into Z-06s an also working on the summit house on PIKE PEAK when they can looking like at least a 3 year project. He has a gen 2 right hand head light that is in good condition might have a few other parts up in the over head. JD.
    also I can drive to you as I have someone who is already going to put on that part with no charge.
    Let me know pricing on that. How many miles and what not. I did find another one but would require shipping.
    hey mike my name is chris and i was looking into turning my lincoln into a 5 speed manual, and everyone say to talk to you about it. i have no idea where to start so i was wondering if you can help me
    hey mike This is jake smith i met you at riches place for the beach party 2010 and im trying to get ahold of you guys because im accually wanting to sell my mark VIII and was wondering if all you guys that were there wanted to buy it for parts or sumthing. im hoping to get $3000 for it because of all ive put into it so if you could talk to everyone and see what you can do thatd be great. i dont remember the dudes name but one guy that was there asked me to part it out. so get back at me please i figured i would ask you guys before i put it on craigslist or sumthing i thought you guys would put it to good use i think rich said he wanted my interior.
    Hi Mike,

    Thanks a zillion! It's pretty much complete except for the plug covers. Here's my address:

    Richard Oren
    2810 Greenbush Road
    Charlotte, Vermont 05445

    Don't forget to tell me the costs.

    I much appreciate your help, this will make the car complete and ready to rumble down the road. :cool:
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