1995 Indigo Lights/Black LSC Progress

Had to replace the main drivers side wire loom, on tje shock tower. The replacment's lock tabs were all broken. Hence the tape.

Hell, the factory used similar tape to hold them together as well.
Yea, pretty close Alan.

Once my compressor re-build is done, I hope to go full bore on finishing the body work.

Just waiting on new piston rings.
The "New" Air Compressor. Kellogg American 80 Gallon, 321TV Compressor pump. I'm currently rebuilding both and will store one for future use. This was my Grandpa's, and dads. She's used, but she ain't used up.



The car as she sits. It'll stay here untill the Compressor is operational, because i'm uprading to all pneumatic body tools, and I just got rid of my Craftsman 29 gallong in trade for an Oxy/Acetelyne rig.



Do you set up a makeshift spray booth in your garage? Or will you be bringing it to a body shop to paint the rest of the car?
We will be setting up a temp booth and flying in a SHOOTER (JEB LSC8) to lay the color on. if he wants to????????????? . probably have to twist his arm . more later. also as it has been setting unused for a while we will be filling it with water and pressure testing it to be on the safe side.jd
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Looking at that intake makes me wish I could Powder Coat the '96 one on my spare engine sitting in the garage and throw it om my '98 :cool:
damn that engine bay pic remindes me of when we built the thundermark. what color you go with after all, it almost even looks the same, vista blue?
Sorry for the thread Necro.

This project is coming out of the garage next weekend. School is out for the summer and with the extra time allowed it'll be getting into paint at least.

Made this little guy today. It's a custom fit cradle with 4000 lb casters to allow me to move it wherever I need it to go by myself if need be. It's currently on jackstands in my garage ready to be pulled out and uncovered.



Hope everyone is doing well around here.

Absolutely perfect job, and attention to detail. I thought I was the only one that was crazy ocd and stuff.

Good to know that we are not alone!
Here's a painting tip for ya Mike, before you spray make sure you ground the body and the booth you built. Doesn't have to be fancy, a piece of wire in the ground pole of a wall outlet with an alligator clip on the other end to clamp onto a screw/bolt.
As the air flows across the car/plastic of the enclosure it will build static and suck every piece of dirt into the paint without it.
Good luck, I hope it turns out great.
Nice, I've been waiting to see the final color on this car. btw nice movie posters..the big lebowski and pulp fiction are two of my favs!
Kevin, You'll see color on Friday. I have the day off, and need to get it in paint so I can open the shop back up to normal stuff for a while.

I'm getting excited.

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